Sunday, January 02, 2011

Was it just tear gas?

The Jews murdered yet another peaceful protester, Jawaher Abu Rahme, killed through the inhalation of tear gas fired by the IDF.  Odd to die of tear gas fired in the open air.  Felice Gelman:
"The gas, according to several people I was with, was much more debilitating than they had experienced before. I can say, in addition to burning the eyes and nose, it caused significant chest pain. It also remained effective even when it was no longer visible in the air. You would think you had moved away from it and suddenly you couldn't breathe. While I was never closer to the IOF than 300 yards, a young boy only six feet away from collapsed from the gas effects and was taken to the hospital."
Is it within the realm of possibility that the Jews are testing some form of poison gas, possibly for the Americans (the canisters were made in the United States)? 

"Demonstrators 'return' tear gas canisters to US ambassador home over the murder of a Bil'in protester"  With that famous Jewish sense of humor that has helped to make the Jews a beloved people throughout history, the protesters 'returning' the spent canisters have been charged with attacking the American ambassador.
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