Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Threats block anti-Iran movie screening" (note the interference of Canadian ZOG through Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore).  I have to say I love the utterly misleading headline from the Jew-controlled paper:  "Film cancelled after Iranian request" (article by infamous plagiarist Robert Sibley, who maintains a job due to his ability to write long, long eye-glazers promoting Islamophobia and the 'war on terror').  The 'film festival' (Islamophobia, Zionism über alles, and a touch of climate change denial).  I guess the colonies haven't got the memo yet that Israel is now playing down the mythical Iranian nuclear program (the reason of course being that they are lusting for Lebanon, and scaring people with an imaginary threat from a temporarily superfluous enemy is just frightening Jews to leave).

"At long last, Farber forced to denounce JDL"

Lots of Canadian news on the Jewish empire:  "Canadian B'nai Brith suggests The Bay is practicing boycott without saying so"

"The Harper marriage and the Globe"

Long overdue:  "'Baby Doc' to go behind bars? (Updated)"

Right on the heels of John P. Wheeler (whose death must be a deep government conspiracy, for the official cover-up has begun even before we have a cause of death), the disappeared story of the death of Ashley Turton, lobbyist for Progress Energy.

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