Friday, February 04, 2011

Almost 55


"Walkom: Egypt and the end of empire (again)"

ZOG is the single most important feature of American foreign policy (and domestic policy, as the Wars For The Jews have bankrupted the country).  Obama wants 'orderly transition', which isn't what the Jewish neocons want, as they correctly fear that 'orderly transition' will fail, and the real democracy that follows means losing Egypt as a Zionist partner (despite his new-found love of democracy, Elliot Abrams was so upset he wouldn't even meet with Obama).  Obama is willing to sacrifice Jewish interests for the interests of big American capital.  The fact he is willing to offend ZOG to defend big American capital just proves how dedicated he is to those interests (and a lot could be written on how the ZOG itself was caught flat footed on the collapse of Mubarak).  In fact, the single-mindedness of his dedication to big American capital defines his Presidency (he is more dedicated to the interests of big American capital than Presidents like Reagan or Nixon).  We see it in everything he does.

I keep reading conspiracy theories about how the Americans are doing this, or the Americans are doing that.  In fact, the Americans are incapable of doing anything (sending Frank Wisner to be embarrassed is all they could manage). Just think how different American power might be had the decisions not been made to fight the Wars For The Jews in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The best they can do is to encourage Mubarak to pick from his elite group, which he would do anyway.  In 1956, imperial overreach and bankruptcy forced the British, stuck in an Egyptian quagmire, to turn the keys of empire over to the Americans.  Almost 55 years later, the Americans are dropping the keys in the sand.
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