Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, February 18, 2011

"The Stuxnet Story Is Full of Holes"  Actually, the biggest hole is that it is supposed to have reduced production by 20%, and yet has rendered the mythical Iranian nuclear program completely nonthreatening.  This Jewish fairy tale isn't even internally consistent.  In fact, 'Stuxnet' seems to have been invented to make it appear that there is a nuclear program. Otherwise, what would Stuxnet be attacking?  Similarly, the fairy tale requires the Jews to assassinate perfectly innocent Iranian scientists.

"The Hebrew Reconquista of Palestine"

"Why is the US silent on 'double genocide'?"  I look forward to Jews being jailed for 'holocaust denial'!

"Allen Stanford's Case Highlights Prison Violence"  Or he could be pulling a form of 'Ken Lay' with some bribed prison officials and an excellent makeup job.

"Iran can't 'dictate what movies Canadians watch', minister says at screening"  True. Only Israel can dictate what movies Canadians watch.

"Comment of the Day: Sarah Palin's Outbox"
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