Sunday, February 06, 2011


The Egyptian people can deal with the current impasse if they:
  1. identify the things which the Egyptian plutocrats own;
  2. set fire to them.
Within 24 hours, Mubarak will be gone, and an election timetable will be set. It remains to be seen how badly the Egyptian people want change.  All I know is that the psychos who run Egypt only understand one thing.


"Mubarak is not a thief like Tunisia's Ben Ali . . ."  "Dubbed 'the Pharaoh' for his 30-year iron rule, President Hosni Mubarak is said to have amassed a fortune of £25 billion for his family."

"Egypt Stability Hinges on a Divided Military"  In the absence of any credible military threat, or even any real connections between the Pentagon and the Egyptian army, the only lever the Americans have is to cut the aid, which they can't do as the aid is mostly military contracts tied to the American domestic culture of local political corruption.  Obama simply can't go to Senator Porkbarrel and tell him the tear gas factory in his state will have to close so Obama can have his 'orderly transition' to get rid of Mubarak.  The only asset the Americans have going for them now is that CIA front known as the Muslim Brotherhood.

"Washington’s new myth: “intelligence failure” in Egypt: Regime change has been planned for years" - total nonsense (and obviously so), and another reason to doubt Global Research.

"Crisis in Egypt Tests U.S. Ties With Israel"  I have no idea how this made it by the Jewish censors.

Prescient as hell - "For a new regional order"  The whole essay by Perry Anderson from 2001 is outstanding.

"Real Democratic Revolution Vs. Fake Democratic Revolution?"
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