Thursday, February 03, 2011

The latest 'hijackers'

Wikileaks, unable to find anybody even remotely honest to leak to, has now resorted to The Telegraph (no chance of honesty there; it is arguable that the serious flaw in the Wikileaks model is the assumption that they can find an honest 'journalist').  Can the National Enquirer by far behind?:
"The disclosure, in US diplomatic cables obtained by WikiLeaks, has raised suspicions that the three men were preparing to be a fifth suicide team, but aborted their attack at the last minute. Instead of boarding a domestic flight to the US capital they instead returned to Doha, via London.
Secret documents reveal that the men flew from London to New York on a British Airways flight three weeks before the attacks and allegedly carried out surveillance at the World Trade Centre, the White House and in Virginia, the US state where the Pentagon and CIA headquarters are located.
They later they flew to Los Angeles, where they stationed themselves in a hotel near the airport which the FBI has now established was paid for by a “convicted terrorist”, who also bought their airline tickets."
I suppose we might ask how they knew these guys visited "the World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, the White House, and various areas in Virgina." unless they were following the group around, which raises all sorts of other questions about American government foreknowledge. This is perhaps why we have not heard this story before.

An interesting detail (my emphasis in red):
"The Qatari men were scheduled to board American Airlines Flight 144 on September 10th from Los Angeles to Washington but did not turn up.
They instead boarded a British Airways flight to London, before flying back to Doha on another BA flight.
The following day the same American Airlines aircraft, flying on route AA77, was hijacked as it returned from Washington and crashed into the Pentagon, killing 184 people."
The misleading (needless to say) Telegraph headline is : "WikiLeaks: Did al-Qaeda plot fifth attack on 9/11?"  Since their scheduled flight was on September 10, they obviously couldn't have been part of the fifth attack.  It is the fact it is the same plane that is interesting.  Did thy plan to plant something on that plane?  But how could they smuggle something the September 11 hijackers could not?  And how could they be sure that the same plane would be used?  Airlines are always changing scheduled planes.  Perhaps they figured there was no point to trying to leave anything on that plane.  Of course, any three Muslim males boarding the same plane the day before September 11 are going to be fingered as hijackers, when it all could be a coincidence.
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