Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Martyr complex?

Assange isn't dumb, but he consistently displays the worst possible judgment.  You might argue that he could not possibly have anticipated that the Swedish prosecutor's office would be so entirely corrupt, but we know he is aware of the personal danger to himself from Israeli interests.  Yet he - or at least his lawyer - hires Dershowitz to represent him in the United States?  Dershowitz from December 2010 on Wikileaks (mixed in with a lot of lies about Iran):
"But secretary of state Hillary Clinton is surely correct when she warns that WikiLeaks poses a danger not only to the US but to international diplomacy, while at the same time trying to minimize the actual harm done by these particular disclosures."
You'd think he could find a lawyer who hasn't gone on the record in questioning what he is doing.  Is Assange trying to get himself killed?
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