Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Leaked HBGary Documents Show Plan To Spread Wikileaks Propaganda For BofA... And 'Attack' Glenn Greenwald"  There actually appears to be enough evidence for the government to charge the law firm and possibly Bank of America with conspiracy.  I have to say this security firm which had all its documents hacked by Anonymous isn't much of an expert on security.

More on Suleiman the psycho.  I'm not exaggerating - the guy should be put in a seriously secure place and trussed up with a mask like Hannibal Lecter.

Funny timing for the Harman resignation.  The rats do seem to be heading for higher ground.

"The Deepening Mystery of Raymond Davis and Two Slain Pakistani Motorcyclists"  When he was caught, the Americans would have been wise to cut him loose.  Claiming 'diplomatic immunity' for a CIA hit-man just made things much worse.

"Pollard Espionage Ring Still Unfolding"  Heavy duty digging even at this late hour.  This may be a warning shot to Israel to shut the fuck up about Pollard or risk much bigger revelations.  Who is 'Mega'?

"Why Are Conservatives 'Turning' on Glenn Beck?"  Pretty obvious, isn't it.  He repeats all the correct Islamophobia, but comes awfully close, in talking of George Soros, to touching the third rail of American politics.  'Soros' is code for covert Jewish power, and many of his listeners are native speakers of the code..

"Egypt, the US and the Israel Lobby":
"The Egypt-Israeli peace treaty of 1979 has occasionally been mentioned in news reports on the current uprising. That treaty was an arrangement in which the Egyptian leader of the time, Anwar Sadat, stopped opposing Israel's previous ethnic cleansing of close to a million indigenous Palestinian Muslims and Christians (at least 750,000 in 1947-49 and an additional 200,000 in 1967). This removed the most populous and politically significant country from the Arab front opposing Israel's illegal actions and led the way for other nations to "normalize" relations with the abnormal situation in Palestine."
"Dispatch from Tahrir" People who earn their political change through participating in the revolution always end up strengthened by it, and are left with permanent progressive change. This is the opposite of the neocon 'gifting' of 'democracy' from the Empire to the vassal state.
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