Monday, March 28, 2011

The counter-revolution

It is funny that I am in favor of a revolution to replace a despot with democracy but against imperialist armed intervention, and in both cases am in complete opposition to the views held by the official 'left'.  No wonder everything is so fucked up.

The UN mandate was for 'humanitarian intervention' to protect civilians in Libya.  The British are flying up and down the coast dropping bombs in order to assist one side in a civil war to capture land.  Just how was this approved by the Security Council?  You will see that there is nothing even remotely close to supporting what the British are doing, which makes such actions a clear breach of international law.

Scroll down for the Dennis Kucinich conspiracy theory, that the actions over Libya are part of a live war game, part of the brand new (November 2, 2010) mutual defense treaty between France and Great Britain which contemplated the current military action under the name "Southern Mistral" (the war game has been suspended due to the war reality).

"The Saudi-US counter-revolution (with Aljazeera on board)" It is clear that there is a planned counter-revolutionary program in operation across the Middle East and North Africa to put a cork in the Arab revolutions before they undermine the despots in the Gulf States.

"Human Rights Watch really hearts NATO war crimes: look at this insane argument" Progressives For Mass Murder.
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