Friday, March 25, 2011

End game in Libya

Note that NATO 'taking over' the Purim civilian slaughter in Libya will mean that Obama no longer needs an 'exit strategy', i.e., the killing of Gaddafi.  The Eurotrash states of NATO can pick up the mass civilian murder until they stop to drop out, one by one, over local pressures over the atrocities.  At the end Libya will be left with:
  1. The valve himself, Gaddafi, or possibly some face-saving replacement (the plagiarist?), running a state on the oil moneys; and
  2. Unless Gaddafi prevails in the next few weeks, a rump state of the rebels, without any oil or any other means of support, which will ironically have to turn to drug and African smuggling to Europe to make ends meet.
Nice job!
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