Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

"British FM: Libyan Rebels Release Captured SAS Troops" It is difficult to believe that the British used to be good at this kind of stuff.  The rebels really don't want foreign meddling.

"A Liberal Is a Villager Who’s Been Screwed By a Mortgage Servicer"  The main problem with 'journalism' in the United States is that 'journalists' are paid too much and only identify with the class interests of the rich.  The United States need a 95% top marginal tax rate for 'journalists'.

Harvard University looks less like a university and more like a (Jewish) organized crime gang.

"Venezuela and Libya: An Interview with Gregory Wilpert"  A more nuanced view of Hugo Chavez and Libya (though I still think Chavez really stepped in it).

Where's Abe Foxman when you need him?:  Jewish designer fired by Nazi fashion conglomerate.  Note how they used music to further insult their victim.  It is starting to get ridiculous.

"Argentina: Image of the day"
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