Saturday, March 05, 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Unusual common sense on Libya.  Remember the Jews are demanding another War For The Jews as they think they can stop the falling dominoes by stopping Libya.  Talking about an oil grab is just intended to cause confusion (an oil grab is unnecessary, and in fact extremely counterproductive, if there is any kind of stable government).  Always reflect on the hilarity that it is impermissible ('anti-Semitic') to state what is really going on.

More cures for aching fangs (or how to make lemonade out of the Stuxnet lemon).

The truth will out:  "Rape? Women? Stripped? What really happened to Lara Logan?"

From the Funny Arab:
"I can see Queen Rania tweeting her way to the every end.  I can imagine her last tweet: I am in a dark place. It may be the trunk of a car.  I have not seen my idiot husband who brought us to this.  I am told he was dangling from an electricity pole somewhere in Amman.  I think that the people of Davos will miss me.  I wonder if I look glamorous in the trunk of this car.  Where are you Oprah to save me?"
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