Wednesday, March 30, 2011


"Sarah Palin questions whether military attack was a 'squirmish'" Give the Queen Malaprop her due - 'squirmish' is a perfect term for the Obama civilian slaughter or any other war that you can't explain and obviously feel uncomfortable about.

"Gaddafi forces recapture Ras Lanuf"  Note the pattern.  NATO air cover, Gaddafi army withdraws, rebels walk in and capture territory.  NATO air cover withdraws, Gaddafi army advances and retakes the lost territory as if there was no rebel army.  The rebel army can't capture or hold territory without NATO air cover.  This isn't promising for the American war.

Dersh's old research assistant won her Jewish Film Award under false pretenses.

"Cryptanalysts: Part 2: Help Solve an Open Murder Case"
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