Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"A response to Michael Ignatieff on his statement about Israeli Apartheid Week":
"If you continue to condemning critique of the genocide happening in Palestine, you and the party you lead are complicit in that genocide. This makes you an active and powerful accomplice in a human rights tragedy, perhaps the biggest human rights tragedy of my generation. Many have brought this to your attention, including leading Canadian scholars and activists who will be speaking publicly this week at Israeli Apartheid Week in Toronto. You have every opportunity to educate yourself. Therefore, history will not permit you the defence of ignorance or innocence."
Ignatieff is an irredeemable neocon sack of shit who I hope will be permanently out of Canadian politics after the next Canadian election.  Canadians will then gleefully put him in a box addressed to Harvard University with a lot of stamps (we sure don't want him coming back for insufficient postage), and send him back to that organized crime gang where he belongs.

"Catherine Chatterley: A history of Israeli Apartheid Week" from the world's worst newspaper, the Zionist Post.  The Zionist Post commissions many authors to publish versions of this same piece dozens of times a year.  Obviously, Israeli Apartheid Week is working.

"WikiLeaks analysis suggests hundreds of thousands of unrecorded Iraqi deaths" And yet the fangs cry out for more in Libya.

More on the corruption behind the Assange persecution in Sweden.  I don't know about Sweden, but officials can go to jail for pulling this kind of stunt in most civilized countries.

Fracking in Arkansas: "Earthquake Swarm" and "Recent Earthquakes in Central US" and "Are Arkansas Earthquakes Related to Fracking?"

In Canada:
  1. "Does shale-gas industry have a future in Quebec following ban on fracking?"(actually it is a moratorium pending study; I love the quote by the fracking fracker:  "crushing the dreams and hopes and aspirations of the producers to provide for the people of Quebec");
  2. "N.B. hydro-fracking will go ahead: company"
  3. "BC ignores Quebec's lead"
"Before Banksy, that “Elephant” tank was a man’s home"
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