Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Whom do The New York Times and The Guardian work for?"  It is taking a while, but I think Assange may finally be starting to figure it out.  The sheer enormity and brazenness - brazen as most of the deception can be checked against original cables! - of the outright lying by both the Guardian and the New York Times requires some kind of explanation.

"How the Hell is Anti-Semitism Having a 'Moment'?"  Answer:  the Jew-controlled media has decided to create a crisis by creating a noticeable number of anti-Semitic incidents, mostly out of nothing, or incidents too unimportant to mention.  Now the hurting Jews can go and assuage their pain by killing Arabs and stealing their land.  Incidents in the Middle East and North Africa show they haven't got much more time to kill and steal.

"This is just the start and it never fucking ends" The continuing efforts to explain the inexplicable mystery of how Thomas Friedman's inane columns are still published.

Reminder?  Jeez.  2002!  I was in fact the first to write sceptically about this incident.
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