Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Gaddafi son 'plagiarised his degree thesis' at LSE"  This is more of an accounting exercise than an academic one: the LSE has to determine how much of the loot they can keep if they revoke his degree.

"Wall Street Journal Reporter Responds to Hoffman's charges"

"US Paid Millions For Bogus (Patented) Intelligence Software; Now Trying To Cover It Up Claiming 'National Security'"  An old story come back to life.

Natalie Portman is strongly against drunken repartee, but is a strong supporter of child ass rape.  Note that Jewish-run Dior fired Galliano, but won't support their supposed principles and cancel his upcoming show (there's money to be made).  Do you think it is a coincidence that this slew of 'anti-Semite' charges is occurring as the Arab world makes profound anti-Zionist changes?

"Assassin's Lawyer Says Sirhan Sirhan Was Brainwashed"  I've never seen any evidence that this kind of 'brainwashing' is possible (not for want of CIA research).  In this case, all they had to do was feed him enough barbiturates to make him a walking zombie, lead him to a specific spot, and put a gun in his hand.  Someone else did the shooting, and he was there with the gun, ready to be the patsy.
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