Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Orlando Bosch, history’s first passenger plane bomber, dead in Miami"  The outrageous hypocrisy of the Zionist/American War on Terror.

"Are The Latest US Storms, Floods & Fires Related to Climate Change? Yes, Yes, They Are"  It is funny how the damage in the United States tends to occur in those places that have the biggest problems with science.  Darwin laughs.

"The Real Reason Why Coca-Cola Isn't Ditching Bisphenol A" Coke doesn't want to go back to recyclable bottles.

"PSN Data Leak Costs Could Top $24 Billion"  Sony is run by idiots who also happen to be evil.

"The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar System" Peter Dale Scott twists and turns and Googles and still can't come up with a reason which convinces himself for this war on Libya: ". . . for these and other reasons, I am persuaded that western actions in Libya have been designed to frustrate Gaddafi’s plans for an authentically post-colonial Africa, not just his threatened actions against the rebels in Benghazi." Oh, come on! This is the great Peter Dale Scott and this reason for war is simply pathetic. It was a War For The Jews. The Jews called and called and called for it, and Obama said no. Finally, they called for it again, and Obama grudgingly gave in  (with the totally unbelievable cover of 'humanitarian intervention').  A week after his speech on Libya his reelection campaign starts, one that will cost over a billion dollars.  Who do you think is going to provide that billion dollars?  Do the math, and there is only one possible conclusion to draw on the real cause of the attack on Libya.  I have to say the alternative-to-the-truth reasons given for the attack on Libya are even more colorful and ludicrous than the alternative-to-the-truth reasons given for the attack on Iraq.  The old Peter Dale Scott would have recognized that the two deep politics reasons for the attack were to stop the Arab dominoes from falling, and to provide a precedent for a Zionist-American attack on Iran.

Zionists complaining about misuse of the Holocaust (a new chapter for Finkelstein?).

". . . Gilad Atzmon, whom I generally avoid here . . ."  Real anti-Zionists cause discomfort to the lites.

"Libya Rebels: NATO Accidentally Killed 12 of Our Fighters"  This is at least the fourth such incident they have told us about.  At what point do we remove 'accidentally' from the headline?

"The Party’s Over for Buffett"  Just another Wall Street crook.

"Convicted RFK assassin says girl manipulated him"  Return of the girl in the polka dot dress.

A tiny bit more on Victoria Adams, which changes nothing about the importance of her story.

As the NDP continues to climb in the polls, the Conservatives are getting very nervous.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Hell or Heaven

Canada has an election on Monday.

"Yes, America, There Is A Canada"  Surprisingly good analysis for an American source - Americans are usually about as accurate on the politics of Canada as they are on analysis of North Korean politics - with the exceptions that the Conservatives certainly will dismantle the Canadian health care system if they get a majority government (doing so is Harper's lifelong obsession, one he has to keep quiet about until he wins), and the current 'Conservatives' have nothing in common with the conservatives involved in the early history of Canada (except for stealing the name).

The big surprise of the campaign has been the reported rise in support for the NDP, nominally a socialist party, but made much less scary under the leadership of Jack Layton, so much so that it had moved clearly to the right of the Liberals when the Liberals were led by Dion (after Dion had the knives put in his back by the Montreal-Toronto Liberal establishment, and Ignatieff was allowed to crown himself leader, à la Napoleon, the Liberals moved to the right thus allowing the NDP to take back its normal left position).  I wonder about this, particularly as the media likes to use the trick of talking up the NDP in order to weaken the Liberals and thus ensure Conservative success.  Telephone polling in the era of cell phones can politely be described as 'artistic'.

The worst possible outcome is a Conservative majority government, one which would end Canada as we know it, and send it on the same route back to third world country status that the Americans are on.  The best possible outcome is a NDP-Liberal minority government.  Hell or Heaven.  A big loss for the Liberals relative to the NDP would also ensure that Ignatieff is mailed off in a box back to that organized crime gang known as Harvard University, where he really, truly, belongs (a 'humanitarian intervention' for all Canadians).

I'm getting sick and tired of these elections fought by the left on the basis of promising to take you on the road to hell, but a little slower than the other guys.  This is killing the Liberals in the current campaign, as they have nothing positive to offer but that they are not the utter hopelessness of Harper.  Layton, in contrast, sounds and looks like Jesus H. Christ with a cane.

If nothing else, it would be nice to see a left minority government start to generate some positive policy plans.  There's lots of money around (just cut the military back to Trudeau-era levels and pour all the money back into health care - with every general fired, hire a doctor; with every fighter jet not bought, build a health care clinic or hospital).  They need to bring back the Liberal deal with Aboriginals (which, of course, the Conservatives canned).  They need to bring back a deal better than the Liberals had on universal child care (which, of course, the Conservatives canned).  Dental care and drug expenses should be funded under the health care system.  Canada has to stop fighting in other people's wars.  Canada needs to get out of the lousy American War On Drugs (yeah, and completely legalize marijuana use), and the lousy Islamophobic War On Terror.  Of course, the oil sands pollution problem has to be dealt with.  Science funding.  Infrastructure building.  Eliminating child poverty (are we still in the 19th century for fuck's sake?).

None of this is impossible.  In fact, it all easy and long overdue.  I don't need to hear any more rich guys saying: 'can't do it, or it will take me an extra year to fund my yacht'.  We need to see governments actually doing something positive again.  The hopeless government paradigm of not being able to do anything builds on itself.  The hopeful government paradigm of being able to do anything also builds on itself.  I hate to see countries spending all their time arguing about how to destroy progressive institutions and policies that have taken decades or centuries to build, when they should be spending their time debating what has to be built for the future (of course, the evil people want us to understand that progress is utterly impossible).

On the other hand, if Harper wins a majority, we're well and truly fucked, just like the Americans and British.  It is even worse than that - for some magical reason, the world seems to need a progressive Canada.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Victoria Adams

"Author tracks down witness to JFK assassination":
"He went to Dallas and interviewed several witnesses, as well as to the National Archives in Washington, D.C., to study the hundreds and thousands of official documents related to JFK's assassination. Ernest said one of the first books he read was about a woman named Victoria Adams.
"She worked on the fourth floor of the depository and immediately after the final shot, ran with a co-worker down the back staircase of the building in order to get outside," said Ernest in an e-mail interview. "It turns out that if she was accurate with the timing of her descent, she would have been on the same stairs at the same time as Oswald as he escaped from the sixth floor sniper's nest. Therefore, she should have seen or heard him, as even the Warren Report readily admitted. Yet Miss Adams saw and heard no one."
Ernest said instead of investigating her further actions or why she hadn't heard Oswald, the government branded Adams as a liar.
"The speed with which that (discrediting Adams) was done and the lack of effort on the commission's part to determine her accuracy seemed strange and suspicious to me, and so I began a search for her to discover the truth," Ernest said.
Thus started a journey of more than 35 years to track down Adams and find out what she knew."
"Accidental History: The Girl on the Stairs by Barry Ernest":
"Adams, along with her friend Sandra Styles, stood on the fourth floor of the Texas School Book Depository at the moment of the murder. She testified to hearing three shots, which from her vantage point appeared to be coming from the right of the building (i.e., from the grassy knoll). She and Styles then ran to the stairs to head down. This was the only set of stairs that went all the way to the top of the building. Both she and her friend took them down to the ground floor. She did not see or hear Oswald. Yet, she should have if he were on the sixth floor traveling downwards. Which is what the Commission said he did after he shot Kennedy.

This is the first problem, in a nutshell. Why did Adams not see a scrambling Oswald, flying down the stairs in pursuit of his Coca-Cola? Because of the Warren Commission’s timeline, we know Oswald had to have gone down the stairs during this period in order to be accosted in time by a motorcycle policeman. In addition, as we are later to discover, Adams also reports seeing Jack Ruby on the corner of Houston and Elm, “questioning people as though he were a policeman.”"
"Adams did not find the government eager to hear her story. This is why they badgered her day and night: the FBI, Secret Service, Dallas Police, and the Sheriff’s Department. And Victoria noticed something discriminatory about all the attention she was getting: the other witnesses in her office did not receive it, e.g., Sandy Styles who ran down the stairs with her, or Elsie Dorman or Dorothy May Garner who watched the motorcade with her.

The attention didn’t stop. In fact, even when she moved to a different address these agents followed her. Even though she had left no forwarding address and her new apartment was not in her name. But they still found her. They followed her when she went to lunch. They followed her when she walked around town. When she sent a letter to a friend in San Francisco describing what she saw and did that day as a witness, the friend never got the letter. The question they posed was always the same: When did you run down the stairs after the shooting?

Then, another odd thing happened. When David Belin and the Warren Commission requested her to testify, it was her alone. Sandra Styles was not with her. In fact, Barry could find no evidence that the Commission questioned Styles at all. Further, during her appearance, Belin had handed her a diagram of the first floor of the Texas School Book Depository, the place where she and Oswald worked at that time. He asked her to point out where she saw two other employees (i.e., William Shelley and Billy Lovelady) when she arrived at the bottom of the stairway. When Barry went to look up this exhibit in the Commission volumes—Commission Exhibit 496—he discovered something odd. It was not the document in the testimony. It was a copy of the application form Oswald filled out for his job at the Depository.

Further, although Styles did not testify that day, or at all, both Lovelady and Shelley did. And as Barry read their testimony it appeared to him that the Commission was making use of them to discredit Adams. Commission lawyer Joe Ball made sure he asked Shelley when and if he saw Adams after the shooting. And when Barry read Lovelady’s testimony his mouth flew open. Lovelady brought up Adams’ name before Ball did! And he called her by her nickname, “Vickie.” Barry was puzzled as to what prompted this spontaneous reference to Adams. Did Lovelady know in advance that Ball was going to specifically ask about her?

Indeed, when she read her own testimony in the Warren Commission - and the Commission’s use of it - Adams was startled to find major discrepancies, including the time interval as to when she started down the stairs after she heard the shots. This began for her a lifelong burden of living in the shadows, avoiding any publicity dealing with her testimony or her treatment at the hands of the Commission. When her employer, publishing house Scott Foresman, offered her a chance to transfer out of Dallas to Chicago in 1966, she took it. (p. 35) While there, she actually now began to read the Warren Report. She now noted what they had done with Lovelady and Shelley. This stupefied her. Because she did not recall seeing either man after he and Styles arrived on the first floor. (p. 36)"
"Adams had gone to college in California and attained a degree in Business Administration. She had graduated summa cum laude and gone into real estate. But one day in the library she came upon a set of Warren Commission volumes. She began to go over them very carefully this time. She recalled that a messenger had delivered her testimony to her at work and she was given the opportunity to make corrections. She did so. But now she saw they were not entered. (p. 106) She also noted that at the end of her appearance it said she waived her right to review her testimony. This was not so. And she noted that her own testimony had her actually talking to Shelley and Lovelady. But they were not on the first floor when she got there. (ibid) Further, she did not recall the Shelley/Lovelady stuff in the copy she had corrected in Dallas."
"In the nineties, Barry discovered a document from the Warren Commission that very much bolstered the Adams testimony. Addressed to Rankin, it summarized the corrections she wanted in her testimony - the ones that were not made. But it also helped explain why the Commission never talked to any of the possible corroborating witnesses who watched the motorcade with her. In the letter, the very last sentence says “Miss Garner, Miss Adams’ supervisor, stated this morning that after Miss Adams went downstairs she (Miss Garner) saw Mr. Truly and the policeman come up.” (p. 176)
Obviously, if they had come up after, then Adams had left when she said she did. Barry notes that he felt like someone had punched him in the gut when he read this. The date of the letter was June 2, 1964. But even with this in their hands, the Commission went ahead and did all they could to discredit Adams. They wrote “...she actually came down the stairs several minutes after Oswald and after Truly and Baker as well.” (ibid) This was written in spite of the fact they had this new evidence in their hands saying the opposite. And this is why the Commission never formally deposed the three corroborating witnesses.
When the author showed this letter from Marcia Joe Stroud, the Dallas US Attorney, to Weisberg, Harold told him to write a book about Adams. The author then makes one more try to find Adams or her corroborating witnesses. He visits Dallas and talks to Gary Mack, who Harold referred him to. Mack says he cannot help him.
It was not until 2002, when his son convinced him to buy a computer to type his book, that he found Adams via email. What follows, in Chapters 27 through 29, is a fascinating, long interview with Adams, now aged 61. She goes over her experience that day in full detail: arriving at work, waiting for the motorcade, running down the stairs, seeing Ruby in suit and hat talking to people like a reporter, etc. This interview is really the high point of the book. What it reveals about Leavelle, the Dallas Police, and David Belin is powerful stuff. Adams concludes that Oswald could not have been on those stairs. He was not on the sixth floor at the time of the shooting, he was on a lower floor. (p. 211)
Beginning to master the Internet, Barry then finds Sandra Styles. (p. 217) She confirms Adams. She says the two left the window when Secret Service agent Clint Hill jumped on the back of the car. (p. 218) And she said she neither saw nor heard anyone on the stairs on the way down. And she did not recall Lovelady or Shelley on the ground floor when they got there either. (p. 219) Styles said the only interview she gave was to the FBI and it was not in depth or probing.
The book ends on a sad note. Adams died of cancer in 2007 at the rather young age of 66. We are lucky that Barry found her before she passed."
"Testimony Of Miss Victoria Elizabeth Adams"

"Cicero's Lament. Reflections Upon The Death of David William Belin, Warren Commission Assistant Counsel."

"David W. Belin": "As he lay in a coma in his final days, his friends would whisper conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination into his ear to confirm his unconsciousness by his unprecedented lack of response."

Truly evil liars like Belin have done an enormous amount of damage to the United States.  And yet, he is an honored man (note the speaker!).

Berry Ernest site.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"How the 'Humanitarian' Intervention in Libya Made Our World Infinitely More Dangerous" Gaddafi did everything he was supposed to in eliminating the weapons that would have protected him from the illegal NATO attack.  Supporters of the attack are utter fools, or worse.

I've been collecting cfl links:
  1. "'Green' lightbulbs poison workers"
  2. "Do New Bulbs Save Energy if They Don’t Work?"
  3. "Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are Making People Sick"
  4. "Mercury rising? Fluorescent bulbs deliver mixed benefits"
  5. "CFL Bulbs Have One Hitch: Toxic Mercury"
  6. "Energy-saving light bulbs blamed for migraines"
  7. "Low-energy bulb disposal warning"
I wonder what it is going to take for environmentalists to admit what a stupid decision this is. Remember that other not-so-bright 'environmental' idea, corn ethanol?

"Color Revolution's Mystery Gunmen": "Perhaps this is an overly cynical analysis, as it may just be a coincidence that two regimes, Syria and Yemen, were forced into tenuous positions and just so happened to both grievously miscalculate and deploy snipers to randomly shoot at protesters, further agitating them, and inviting further scorn and pressure from the globalists, eager to oust them." Reminds me of the death of Neda Agha-Soltan.

"The Man behind “Syria Revolution 2011″ Facebook-Page Speaks Out"  The role of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syrian unrest.

What do you do with the writings of a moral philosopher whose life is profoundly immoral?  Fire starting?  Toilet paper?

"How I Came to Work at the Wendy's" by Nick St. John

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cfl scam

"Energy saving light bulbs 'contain cancer causing chemicals'"

The scam with these compact fluorescent lamps is fairly obvious. There is a small window of opportunity before suitable led lighting is available that can replace incandescent lighting. Cfl's are being forced down our throats during that time to allow for the cheap disposal of the toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of cfl's, most notably mercury.  It is a way to dump mercury into landfills where it normally would not be allowed.  That dumped mercury is going to be leaking out of landfills and killing people forever.

 If you look at all the arguments for cfl's replacing incandescent lighting, none of them stand up.  In particular, energy efficiency - the conversion of electricity into light rather than heat - is meaningless in cold climates where one source of heat is as good as another.  We should have waited for led lighting and skipped the dangerous cfl's altogether.  The oligarchs knew that led lights are coming, and are using phony talk about ecology to allow them to dump toxic chemicals.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Crazy evil things

It seems to me a lot of international law was created in reaction to crazy evil things done by Europeans.  Now we've kissed international law goodbye due to crazy evil things done by Europeans.  The Europeans (and Canadians) were full of righteous indignation about the American illegal and immoral attack on Iraq.  Now, the Europeans (and Canadians) are attacking civilian-rich targets, completely outside the UN mandate and utterly illegally, on the slight chance they might avoid the total embarrassment of the 'humanitarian intervention' by winning the very long shot of killing Gaddafi.  Who has the moral right to complain about any breaches of international law now?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Why Canadians Must Say No to Harper" Harper's entire life has been dedicated to destroying the Canadian health care system. He's obsessed with it.

"Why Opera is the Best Browser, but Nobody Takes Notice of that Fact?"  Norwegians are bad at marketing.

"Serial killing suspect had boxes of notebooks detailing how he would torture women, investigator told former neighbor"  Naso

Scott Adams, finding himself in a hole, digs deeper. "Scott Adams: douche or really big douche?" "The Douchiest Thing" And deeper.

"Not That There's Anything Wrong With That ..." A definite Christopher Guest movie vibe.

"Mitt Romney Haunted By Past Of Trying To Help Uninsured Sick People"

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

According to the British government, it has no money, and has to cut all social programs to the bone.  Yet it apparently has oodles of money to fight on behalf of one side of a civil war in Libya, a war which is falling on the civilians of Libya, and a war which makes no sense whatsoever as far as real British interests are concerned.  Thus, a very misleading headline - "Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq" - on the war on Iraq trying to hint that the real reason for these wars is to get cheap oil for the people who are paying for the wars. Or course, if you read carefully you can see oil companies having accepted the inevitability of a stupid and counterproductive war lobbying to try to keep up with the competition from other oil companies in the promises made for a postwar Iraq. These aren't Wars For Oil (although we shouldn't be surprised to see the oil companies trying to keep up with events). Nobody could possibly have been more accommodating to international oil companies than Gaddafi.  These wars are all Wars For The Jews.  We're not going to be able to stop them until it is generally acknowledged what is causing them.

The President and Secretary of State want to propose a new peace plan for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.  Dennis Ross, who represents the Lobby, doesn't want to see a new American peace plan before Bibi presents his newest delaying plan to the Congress and the mass hosannas of the Jew-controlled media.  Who do you think will prevail?

"WikiLeaks reveal the United States' heavy-handed efforts to help Israel at the U.N"  The leak, late enough that it must be from a post-Manning batch (via "Wikileaks: Rice to Lieberman: 'I am confident that I can build a blocking coalition to prevent a probe by the UNSC'). It is still somewhat shocking to see the outrageousness of the conduct of American officials led on a leash by the Jews.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It's been fifty years since the Bay of Pigs invasion.  From "A Crime So Immense" by James K. Galbraith (hard to find, but archived in pdf form here):
One of the great travesties of the Cold War surfaced on April 29,  when the Washington Post reported the declassification in full of General Maxwell Taylor’s June, 1961 special report on the Bay of Pigs invasion.  Partial versions of this document have been available for decades.  But only now did its darkest secret spill.
Here is what Taylor reported to Kennedy.  The Russians knew the date of the invasion. (Therefore, Castro also knew.)  The CIA, headed by Allen Dulles,  knew that the Russians knew. (Therefore, they knew the invasion would fail.)  The leak did not come from the invasion force; it had happened before the Cuban exiles were themselves briefed on the date.  Kennedy was not informed. Nor, of course, were the exiles.  And knowing all this, Dulles ordered the operation forward.
Was this incompetence?  I think not.  The evidence points, rather, to treachery.
With the Cuban brigade  trapped on the beachhead, Dulles’s deputies demanded that Kennedy agree to a direct U.S. military intervention.  In the standard history, this was a call for air bombardment to take down Castro’s Air Force: Kennedy had canceled a strike just before the brigade went in, but Navy jets were gunning their engines on aircraft carriers nearby.  The histories don’t tend to mention something else: there were landing craft full of Marines offshore, waiting for the order to go in.   (How do I know?  I know someone who was on one.)
Had Kennedy caved to the CIA at that moment, then several boatloads of U.S. Marines would have joined the doomed brigade ashore.  Later, the survivors would have been paraded through Havana, alongside the captured exiles, on their way to prison.  There would have been an uproar, here in the United States, far greater than actually occurred.  In all likelihood, we would then have committed ourselves to the vast proposition of a full-scale invasion.
And, that, it would seem, was the plan.
Kennedy refused the bait.  Later, armed with Taylor’s report and its radioactive accusation, he forced the resignation of Dulles and his top lieutenant in the Bay of Pigs matter, General Charles Cabell.  But, being Kennedy, he kept his secret weapon locked up.  And only now, it appears, do we know what it was.
The CIA took its  revenge. Despite their own 1962 Inspector General’s report stating the contrary, high officials spread the myth that Kennedy himself was responsible for the failure of the invasion - that if only he had sent in the jets (and the Marines) the outcome would have been different.  Kennedy chickened out!  That became what the Miami Cubans believed, and still do believe.  But in truth, the betrayal of the Cubans came from their friend and protector, Allen Dulles and his CIA.  The exiles were his pawns, nothing more,  in a bigger, bolder game."
Dulles set up an intentional failure, a failure largely averted by Kennedy's wisdom, with the intention of creating the propaganda basis in the United States for the much larger war he sought. Kennedy's punishment for ruining Dulles' plans was to be blamed by CIA propagandists for the smaller failure.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patsies for the Itamar killings

After taking their time at fabricating evidence and torturing 'confessions', Israeli authorities have finally found some Palestinian patsies to take the blame for the killing by a Thai worker of some settlers in the illegal settlement of Itamar.  Even by the usual Jewish standards of lying, this one is a whopper (my emphasis in red):
"Itamar is a heavily fortified settlement overlooking the surrounding Palestinian villages on whose land it is illegally built. The colony is notoriously well fortified to ensure intruders do not enter; it is completely surrounded by 8 foot high electrified wire fence with 2 feet of razor wire on top, sensors to determine if the fence has been cut, automatic cameras that cover the entire perimeter, 24 hour security guard presence and protection provided by the Israeli military. All of its inhabitants are heavily armed, and like almost all Israeli settlements it is surrounded by hundreds of meters of empty buffer land that Palestinians cannot step foot in.
The fact that Itamar probably has more security than the White House led many to conclude that whoever killed the Fogels could not have simply snuck in and snuck back out again.
But now the Israeli security authorities, that bastion of transparency and human rights, say they’ve extracted confessions from Amjad Awad, 19, and Hakim Awad, 18, both from Awarta. According to Haaretz, the teens decided on a whim to go to Itamar armed with nothing but wire cutters and a prayer. They walked across the buffer zone without being noticed by the cameras, security guards, soldiers or residents of the colony. They reached the electrified fence, where they spent ten minutes cutting the wire. The automatic cameras and sensors seemed, by a stroke of anti-semitic fortune, to be asleep that day.
Once they’d cut the fence, the two teenagers walked into the colony, where again nobody noticed them. They found a house which by sheer luck was 1) unlocked, 2) empty and 3) had an M16 rifle and ammunition lying about. Amjad and Hakim picked up the gun and the bullets, and stepped out of the empty house. There, they moved to the Fogels’ residence. They walked in, and killed four family members-one with the gun, the others with a knife.
Having defied all odds, the teenagers now left the house and went back outside. They still hadn’t been noticed. Neither the gun shot nor the screams had been heard (the security services here explain that the weather wasn’t conducive to carrying sound waves that evening). While realizing they STILL hadn’t been noticed by any of the residents, soldiers, security guards or cameras, Amjad and Hakim spotted the Fogels’ 3 month old baby through the window. So they decided to go back inside and kill the baby.
Insatiable Arab thirst for blood and all that.
Now the teens, armed with a big stolen M16 rifle, ammunition, and a knife simply walked back out of the colony, again unnoticed by the cameras, soldiers, guards, colonists, sensors and maybe even God himself. They walked across the buffer zone, back to their village, and thought they had gotten away with their dastardly crime. Of course, they had forgotten to factor in the tireless efforts of the Israeli army and intelligence apparatus, who laid siege to their village for days, barring the entry of food and medicine, rounding up villagers en masse, savagely beating others and destroying extensive property in Awarta."
You'll also note that the story has changed to suit the newly-manufactured 'facts', with a gun and knife killing replacing the former knife killing (with a concealed knife, explaining the original true story that the settlers were killed by a knife).  Can't you just see those Palestinian teenagers saying, 'What are we going to do this boring afternoon?'  'I know, lets take our umbrella (!), knives and wire cutting shears and go on a certain suicide mission through barbed wire and sensors and IDF soldiers in the wild hopes we might stumble on some guns and kill some settlers.'

Note the logic of comment 15 by Johnboy to a Jerusalem Post article:
"I know that the fence alarm went off, and that one of the security staff went to investigate. He certainly didn't see that the fence was cut, otherwise he would have raised the alarm."
Of course, only a settler or a worker for the settlers would have been allowed in, and would not have needed to cut the fence.  Jewish denials of the story that the IDF questioned all the Thai workers aren't very convincing in the light of the fact that Israel put a gag order over reporting of the actions of Israeli security forces.

The Jews needed to find Palestinian patsies as they had already announced more illegal settlement expansion based on illegal collective punishment based on the rush-to-judgment conclusion that the assassins were Palestinian.  The Jews wanted to wrap up the frame-up before Passover.  Mission accomplished.  The fact that the patsy story is simply preposterous - for many, many reasons - won't bother anybody.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, April 18, 2011

"NAFTA and U.S. dumping: A very insightful quick read"

"What Happened to Encyclopedia Dramatica?"   This is looking like the same business model as that employed by Arianna Huffington.  People provide the content for free, and then the ringleader makes a killing by selling it.  Since the original has disappeared, and has been replaced by a cleaned-up version (all the better for selling), you could describe the lost content as a kind of internet vandalism.

"Dilbert Creator Pretends to Be His Own Biggest Fan on Message Boards"  Shame he's an asshole as I still like the comic.

"Cluster bomb hypocrisy"  Suddenly, cluster bombs are bad.

"Criticize Harper, get fired from the Ottawa Sun"

"Informed Comment & Big Blog on Campus"  All you have to do to be a star in the New York Times is support another bloodthirsty War For The Jews.  Note how thrilled 'Langley' is to be numbered among this crowd of extreme right-wing sociopaths!  If he keeps it up, Yale will be calling back soon.  Is it any wonder, with the rewards that are offered, that there are so many American warmongers?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Syria and the Delusions of the Western Press"  "Western Press Misled – Who Shot the Nine Soldiers in Banyas? Not Syrian Security Forces"  It looks increasingly like the Saudis are supporting Sunni rebels in Syria as punishment against Iran for the Saudi royal fairy tale that Iran was behind the Shi'ite disruptions in Bahrain.

It is curious that the two changes proposed to royal succession in Britain are the two changes required to establish a Jewish Queen - with Jewish children - if a Jewish commoner married a likely heir to the throne and had a first child who was female (vital in a religion passed on through females). It is no doubt just a coincidence that Kate is rumored to be Jewish.  This kind of thing seems quite silly but many powerful people take it very seriously.

Debates on the 'left' regarding nuclear energy are getting quite snarky.

"On offensive appropriations of the Arab Spring"

Remember when Colombia was allied with the United States and was the bitter enemy of Venezuela?:  "Colombia to extradite suspected drug capo to Venezuela"

"Nigeria: Ripe for a WikiLeaks revolution?"

Joseph Naso may be the odd serial killer responsible for the Alphabet murders near Rochester, New York (three girls with first and last names starting with the same letter, whose bodies were each left in a town with a name starting with that same letter). He is also being considered as a candidate for the Zodiac Killer.

"Obama Orders Guantánamo Prisoners Transferred To Next President"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Funny stuff

"Loony Antiquitism: "These are The Nails", No they are Not" More Zionist phony bait for idiot Christian Evangelists.

"AP falls for hoax: General Electric is not donating $3.2 billion to the U.S. Treasury"  "GE Returns Billions to Public... NOT" GE stock price dropped as terrified investors quaked at the fear of investing in a corporation that actually pays taxes.

"Help me Obi-Wan, you're our only hope"

" U.S. Soldiers: Posada Carriles, Juan Carlos Castillón and Ernesto Hernández Busto"

"Did Sarah Palin Carry Out the Biggest Hoax in American Political History?" It appears that neither Sarah nor Bristol can be the mother!  BTW, with the self-destruction of Gawker it is now almost impossible to find a consistently working link for one of their stories.

The FBI has known since at least 1985 that the only real evidence against John Demjanjuk was likely forged by the Soviets.

It is difficult to believe there is a Canadian election going on:  Shit Harper Did.

"Sneaky Czech President Steals Other President’s Pen"

Israel Fisher

One of the weirdest in the extremely long list of 'false flag' attacks against things Jewish is the recent attack on the Chabad House in Santa Monica.  A 250 pound (!) concrete chunk hit the roof of a nearby building (and on some accounts damaged the synagogue itself).  This was so odd the police thought it was the result of some kind of  industrial accident .  Then they discovered that the explosive used was purchased in the name of a homeless man initially described - and still described, for reasons we will see - as ' Ron Hirsch '.  It turned out he was Jewish with the real name of Israel Fisher.  Fisher was discovered sleeping in a car, and then released by the police (! - this is either extreme mistaken identity, or police shenanigans).  He then took a bus to Cleveland, Ohio, where the rabbi who took him in eventually recognized him as the wanted man, and turned him in, but not before seeking advice from a more senior rabbi.  Questions:
  1. Where did Fisher, who on all accounts lived hand-to-mouth on handouts from Jewish charities, get the money to buy the explosives and other materials, and how did he have a permanent enough address for them to be sent to?  He was homeless, pulling his possessions in a trailer behind his bicycle.  Having the explosives sent to an address across the street from the target makes him look like a patsy.  In these days of 'terrorism', is it that easy to buy high explosive detonators by mail?  
  2. "Police linked Hirsch to the explosion - which occurred in a plastic trash can near the synagogue - after his name and cellphone number were found on a receipt for three 11-pound (five-kilogram) bags of explosive, found nearby." = patsy. 
  3. Where did Fisher learn how to build such a bomb/mortar?
  4. Why did the police let him go once they caught him (if it was him)?
  5. Why did he decide to take a bus to Ohio? How did he pay for the bus?  We're told he was actually headed to New York City, but missed a connection.  A destitute man paying about $200 for a one-way ticket?  
  6. Having allegedly sought to blow up a Chabad House, why did he seek charity from another Jewish institution where he was likely to be recognized?
  7.  Why didn't the rabbi turn him in before seeking the advice of another rabbi?  Unfortunately, we know the answer to that.  Jews don't turn in Jews.  Had the attack not been made on a Jewish institution, we probably would never have heard about him.
  8. Why did the media misreport his name as 'Irael Fisher'?  We know the answer to that one too.  It was an attempt to disguise the fact that the alleged bomber was himself Jewish. 
Fisher is almost certainly a patsy, fronting for some sophisticated group who wanted a dramatic, but harmless, attack on a Jewish institution (the laying it on thick has already begun).  Since the false flag collapsed, Plan B will now be to depict him as a lone nut acting on the basis of a perceived personal affront from the Chabad House.

Penthouse propaganda

Goebbels is still alive and living in a mansion erected atop one of the reconstructed buildings at Auschwitz. And:  "‘LA Times’ outs ‘NY Times’ on Nakba-squat"  The more we learn about Bronner the more amazing the depths of the lying by the New York Times.

Radio Free 'Langley'

Too many separate things to write about today, so I'm breaking it up into small bits.  First, a laugh from Radio Free 'Langley':
"While the action has saved hundreds or thousands of lives . . ."
Never forget that 'Langley' is a big fan of the use of white phosphorus, and was for the attack on Iraq, softening the country up first with aerial bombardment, before he was against it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"If I were an Iranian leader, and I was watching how the West is treating the nuclear-free Muammar Qaddafi, I would certainly be redoubling my efforts to cross the nuclear threshold. After all, you don't see a no-fly zone over North Korea, do you? There's a reason for that. There won't be any such thing as a no-fly-zone over a country that is known for sure to possess nuclear weapons."
So, Libya had a nuclear arms program, of sorts, which it gave up as part of being readmitted into the good graces of the American Empire. Then, the Americans attack Libya, something which would never have happened if Gaddafi had nukes.  What is another possible victim of the Americans to think?  The War For The Jews on Libya thus makes it possible to conclude that it would be rational for Iran to have a nuclear arms program, this necessitating an American-Zionist preemptive attack on Iran to stop this rational, but imaginary, nuclear arms program.  Genius.

"Did Israelis play the ‘Atlantic’ and Goldberg like a pawnshop fiddle?"  This headline is misleading as of course the Atlantic, Goldberg, and the Israelis are all part of the same conspiracy.  Goldberg gets quite testy - he reminds me of reading 'Langley' these days - when his barefaced warmongering lies are exposed. Goldberg plays the usual neocon inevitability game (also played before the War For The Jews against Iraq). By making it seem that Israel is hell-bent on an Iran attack, with the knowledge that the Israelis can't carry it through, thus necessitating American military involvement to clean up the mess, the neocon argument is that the Americans might as well attack now and get the inevitable over with.

When the truth behind the Wars For The Jews is exposed, and the United States starts to clean itself up, there are going to have to be a lot of treason trials and convictions.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Libyan revolution and more infantile leftism" As you can see from the comments, the professional Western 'left' isn't ready for any criticism of its vile attempts to take over the Arab Spring (I can't imagine as big a group of failures as the professional Western 'left' - unable to do anything about their own countries being run into the ground, they presume to be experts on everybody else!).  I stand with Nasrallah. These are Arab revolutions, and the Arabs are entitled to run them as they like, including making, and learning from, their own mistakes.  As we can see, the West, including the Western militaries, are powerless in these battles.

"Cuban ex-CIA agent acquitted of charges alleging he lied during US immigration hearing" The jury refused to allow two hours of recorded admissions by Luis Posada Carriles to sway them into making a proper decision.

"Cuba denounces acquittal of former CIA agent Luis Posada as a farce"

"On the Result of the Icesave Referendum"

"Pakistan Tells U.S. It Must Sharply Cut C.I.A. Activities" The "Raymond A. Davis" game continues.

"US banana firm hired Colombian paramilitaries" The corporate culture of some companies is steeped in pure evil, and Chiquita is amongst the worst.

"WikiLeaks: Great power rivalry at the UN"  On Brazil sucking up to the United States to get a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council.

"More Pentagon Papers Donald Rumsfeld Doesn’t Want You to See" It is difficult to remember that Rumsfeld was supposed to be one of the smart ones.

"Bruce Ivins, first bioterrorist/country recording artist ever?"

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Cage and Wave" Background on Syria.

"Dershowitz’s radioactive plume" Recent events in Japan make any attack on legal Iranian nuclear facilities - as opposed to the completely illegal Israeli nuclear facilities - even less likely, with the Europeans correctly imagining the nuclear fallout landing on them.

"Orthodox rabbi pleads guilty to using religious charities to hide $1M for Solomon Dwek" I'd hate to suggest we're seeing a pattern here, but I wonder how much the crime rate would drop if all rabbis were preemptively arrested. One of the comments: "Message to Fish and Dwek: Contributions to stereotypes are NOT tax deductible."

"NPR Reporter Has Twitter Followers Debunk Libyan-Israeli Missile Rumors"

"Chicago Tylenol murders" - still unsolved.
"A Bitter Pill"
The website (!) and novel (!!) of the guy who was convicted of the extortion (but not the actual poisoning).
"Revised Article: Who was the Tylenol Killer of 1982 and 1986?" - part of the ongoing efforts to blame Ted Kaczynski for all crimes committed in the United States from the late 70s until the time his brother turned him in, but more plausible than the ridiculous attempts to claim Ted was the Zodiac Killer.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"Showdown in Iceland" Vote is today - probably a wise 'no'.  Just tell them you are not paying - Argentina did so, more or less, and is doing fairly well, with the problems it has unrelated to non-payment.

"Top Pinto Aide Tied to Porn Sales and Legal Troubles"

"Primitive Muslims' unique love of violence"

"Ynet changes its headline" Jewish chicken coops are more important than . . .

Similar: "'Israeli army strikes Gaza after school bus hit – Deconstructed"  Part of a consistent pattern of lying in American mainstream journalism.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

"STEPHEN SNIEGOSKI : Neocons’ Goal — Iran by Way of Libya" (Sniegoski is always right about everything):
"It can be seen that most advocates of United States intervention in Libya perceive it as being (1) fundamentally humanitarian; (2) very limited in scope; and (3) dealing with a rather unique situation.  The neocons, however, likely perceive it in broader strategic terms.  For them, United States action against Libya would serve to revive their stalled Middle East agenda by providing the ideal justification for the U.S. to become involved militarily in the internal affairs of Iran, currently their (and Israel’s) major target, which they so far have been unsuccessful in achieving.  Neocons have pointed out that the democratic wave threatens the Islamic regime in Iran, which they certainly want the United States to facilitate.  As Michael Ledeen put it at the time of the revolt against Mubarak’s regime in Egypt:  'if we’re going to praise the Tunisian and Egyptian freedom fighters, all the more reason to hail the true martyrs in Iran.'"
"If the United States should make any type of military attack on Libya, and if that attack in any way could be portrayed as successful (which would require far less than the establishment of a new non-Gaddafi democratic regime) immense pressure could be brought to bear on President Obama to take the same militant approach towards Iran.  Neocons are already arguing that the current democratic upheavals in Libya and the Middle East vindicate the neocon-inspired 'Bush freedom agenda.'  Since Bush’s agenda involved the use of force in addition to ideas there is the definite implication that this should also be applied when needed.  And, if the United States intervened militarily in Libya, it would have once again ignored international law’s prohibition of initiating military force against a sovereign country, further helping to establish the precedent that international law’s position on this mater is passé and thus making opposition to such aggressive wars more difficult.  (Most wars in recent times have been justified, at least in part, with a 'humanitarian' rationale; even Hitler went to war against Poland on the grounds that it was oppressing its German minority.)"
"Libya: more rebels killed in Nato air strikes" (er, this doesn't look like a mistake, as the goal isn't for either side to win; my emphasis in red):
"Fighters said that captured tanks had been marked under an agreement with Nato to prevent friendly fire accidents, but to no avail. According to one rebel, up to seven were killed and others seriously wounded, including one teenaged boy who lost both legs. Others gave different figures.
Witnesses claimed the jets circled for half an hour before firing between two and four missiles. As they fled, rebels abandoned other tanks for fear of being struck again."
"Guest Post: Ongoing Cover Up of Nuclear Crisis By Governments and Nuclear Power Companies"

"The Great Reservoirs of Libya"

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


The hilarious u-turn by Judge Goldstone is causing a major crisis in lite Zionist circles.  It appears that Goldstone has actually agreed to be enlisted as Chief Hasbara-ite, spreading the news to the world about the wonderfulness of Jewish mass civilian slaughter

Everybody seems to have forgotten that Goldstone has always been a Zionist, and more particularly, a lite Zionist.  Lite Zionists believe fully in the Zionist goal of building a Jewish state across the Middle East, but differ from full Zionists in that they believe full Zionist tactics are hurting the Zionist cause.  Goldstone's problem with Operation Cast Lead wasn't the unprovoked ultra-violence against innocent civilians - it was the optics of the use of such violence.  He feared that the PR battle was being lost.  Once the IDF came up with enough lies in its self-investigations to cover the PR problem, the violence no longer bothered him.  He has now taken his logical place as a Jew to fully hide the problem from the gentiles.

People are looking for threats against Goldstone and his family to trigger the seeming about-face, but there is only one obvious trigger - Egypt and the Arab revolutions.  Each lite Zionist remains a lite Zionist in the luxury of believing in overwhelming Israeli strength.  Once that strength is perceived to have weakened, every lite Zionist will instantly morph into a full-fledged blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist.  When the Hezbollah rockets are falling on Tel Aviv, you won't be able to find a lite Zionist anywhere.  Many Jews were rightfully shaken by the Arab spring, and it shook the judge out of his complacency about Jewish strength.  Every Jew now has to protect the goal of building a violent Jewish supremacist state.

The premise of the famous report was fatally flawed, and flawed by its racist supremacist assumptions.  Goldstone assumed that Operation Cast Lead was a fully justified act of self-defense by the Jews against rocket attacks by the Gazans and their government.  The facts are that the rockets did almost no harm, were fired by renegade groups (quite possibly working for Israel) against the wishes of Hamas, were stopped by Hamas, and, most importantly, had stopped months before Operation Cast lead started.  In fact, we know that this operation had been planned by Israel without regard to the rockets, and the self-defense notion was just a PR move.  Goldstone, as a racist supremacist (he had no problem enforcing apartheid laws in South Africa, as racial supremacism made perfect sense to him), is incapable of understanding a concept like disproportionate response, as to him a gentile is not worth the toenail of a Jew.  Of course, in the real moral world, self-defense has to be proportionate and immediate, and Operation Cast Lead fails spectacularly on both counts.

The bigger lesson to be learned here is that the Jews have made a big mess, but will have no role in cleaning it up.  The fantasy of lite Zionists is that superior Jewish morality, and only superior Jewish morality, is capable of fixing the problem (note the racist supremacism inherent in this thinking).  This is a lie, and a pernicious one.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Inevitable 'humanitarian' result

As the predictable (and predicted) civilian casualties mount in the NATO 'humanitarian' civilian slaughter, we're headed to the predictable (and predicted) inevitable result of a rump rebel state unable to protect territory without NATO air support, and the rest of the country under Gaddafi.  This sounds like an utter humanitarian disaster, and it is, but is exactly what the Jews and the Arab despots wanted.  The key was to stop the dominoes of Arab democracy from falling, and the rump state means real democracy in Libya is decades away.  At the same time, the existence of the rump state weakens Gaddafi and wastes the resources of Libya - you can kiss that fine standard of living much discussed by the supporters of Gaddafi goodbye - in a never-ending war of attrition with the rump state. The paradox is that this weakening of Libya actually increases the political legitimacy of despot rule in Libya.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Obama appears to have authorized the CIA shenanigans in Libya before the UN Security Council resolution.  In fact, before the Jews came round and threatened his reelection campaign funding, CIA shenanigans were probably as far as he was prepared to go.

Of course, no matter how much CIA 'help' you have, and how many American-supplied weapons, you are going to continue to lose if your only instinct on seeing the Libyan army is to turn and run.

'Langley', even by his own standards, has been particularly vile and inconsistent on this imperialist attack (and, for once, many are calling him out on it, and he has no 'informed comment' with which to respond).

"Warren Buffett’s Deputy Resigns in Most Suspicious Way Possible" Buffett's PR is that he is the last honest capitalist in America, so the successor had to go.

"FBI Flooded With Tips on Encrypted Notes From 1999 Murder Mystery"

"Atlanta Child Murders Letters - "Zodiac", Poem, Message"

Nobody seems to have noticed that Zippy is forty.