Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cfl scam

"Energy saving light bulbs 'contain cancer causing chemicals'"

The scam with these compact fluorescent lamps is fairly obvious. There is a small window of opportunity before suitable led lighting is available that can replace incandescent lighting. Cfl's are being forced down our throats during that time to allow for the cheap disposal of the toxic chemicals used in the manufacture of cfl's, most notably mercury.  It is a way to dump mercury into landfills where it normally would not be allowed.  That dumped mercury is going to be leaking out of landfills and killing people forever.

 If you look at all the arguments for cfl's replacing incandescent lighting, none of them stand up.  In particular, energy efficiency - the conversion of electricity into light rather than heat - is meaningless in cold climates where one source of heat is as good as another.  We should have waited for led lighting and skipped the dangerous cfl's altogether.  The oligarchs knew that led lights are coming, and are using phony talk about ecology to allow them to dump toxic chemicals.
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