Friday, April 01, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

Obama appears to have authorized the CIA shenanigans in Libya before the UN Security Council resolution.  In fact, before the Jews came round and threatened his reelection campaign funding, CIA shenanigans were probably as far as he was prepared to go.

Of course, no matter how much CIA 'help' you have, and how many American-supplied weapons, you are going to continue to lose if your only instinct on seeing the Libyan army is to turn and run.

'Langley', even by his own standards, has been particularly vile and inconsistent on this imperialist attack (and, for once, many are calling him out on it, and he has no 'informed comment' with which to respond).

"Warren Buffett’s Deputy Resigns in Most Suspicious Way Possible" Buffett's PR is that he is the last honest capitalist in America, so the successor had to go.

"FBI Flooded With Tips on Encrypted Notes From 1999 Murder Mystery"

"Atlanta Child Murders Letters - "Zodiac", Poem, Message"

Nobody seems to have noticed that Zippy is forty.
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