Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"If I were an Iranian leader, and I was watching how the West is treating the nuclear-free Muammar Qaddafi, I would certainly be redoubling my efforts to cross the nuclear threshold. After all, you don't see a no-fly zone over North Korea, do you? There's a reason for that. There won't be any such thing as a no-fly-zone over a country that is known for sure to possess nuclear weapons."
So, Libya had a nuclear arms program, of sorts, which it gave up as part of being readmitted into the good graces of the American Empire. Then, the Americans attack Libya, something which would never have happened if Gaddafi had nukes.  What is another possible victim of the Americans to think?  The War For The Jews on Libya thus makes it possible to conclude that it would be rational for Iran to have a nuclear arms program, this necessitating an American-Zionist preemptive attack on Iran to stop this rational, but imaginary, nuclear arms program.  Genius.

"Did Israelis play the ‘Atlantic’ and Goldberg like a pawnshop fiddle?"  This headline is misleading as of course the Atlantic, Goldberg, and the Israelis are all part of the same conspiracy.  Goldberg gets quite testy - he reminds me of reading 'Langley' these days - when his barefaced warmongering lies are exposed. Goldberg plays the usual neocon inevitability game (also played before the War For The Jews against Iraq). By making it seem that Israel is hell-bent on an Iran attack, with the knowledge that the Israelis can't carry it through, thus necessitating American military involvement to clean up the mess, the neocon argument is that the Americans might as well attack now and get the inevitable over with.

When the truth behind the Wars For The Jews is exposed, and the United States starts to clean itself up, there are going to have to be a lot of treason trials and convictions.
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