Tuesday, April 05, 2011


The hilarious u-turn by Judge Goldstone is causing a major crisis in lite Zionist circles.  It appears that Goldstone has actually agreed to be enlisted as Chief Hasbara-ite, spreading the news to the world about the wonderfulness of Jewish mass civilian slaughter

Everybody seems to have forgotten that Goldstone has always been a Zionist, and more particularly, a lite Zionist.  Lite Zionists believe fully in the Zionist goal of building a Jewish state across the Middle East, but differ from full Zionists in that they believe full Zionist tactics are hurting the Zionist cause.  Goldstone's problem with Operation Cast Lead wasn't the unprovoked ultra-violence against innocent civilians - it was the optics of the use of such violence.  He feared that the PR battle was being lost.  Once the IDF came up with enough lies in its self-investigations to cover the PR problem, the violence no longer bothered him.  He has now taken his logical place as a Jew to fully hide the problem from the gentiles.

People are looking for threats against Goldstone and his family to trigger the seeming about-face, but there is only one obvious trigger - Egypt and the Arab revolutions.  Each lite Zionist remains a lite Zionist in the luxury of believing in overwhelming Israeli strength.  Once that strength is perceived to have weakened, every lite Zionist will instantly morph into a full-fledged blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist.  When the Hezbollah rockets are falling on Tel Aviv, you won't be able to find a lite Zionist anywhere.  Many Jews were rightfully shaken by the Arab spring, and it shook the judge out of his complacency about Jewish strength.  Every Jew now has to protect the goal of building a violent Jewish supremacist state.

The premise of the famous report was fatally flawed, and flawed by its racist supremacist assumptions.  Goldstone assumed that Operation Cast Lead was a fully justified act of self-defense by the Jews against rocket attacks by the Gazans and their government.  The facts are that the rockets did almost no harm, were fired by renegade groups (quite possibly working for Israel) against the wishes of Hamas, were stopped by Hamas, and, most importantly, had stopped months before Operation Cast lead started.  In fact, we know that this operation had been planned by Israel without regard to the rockets, and the self-defense notion was just a PR move.  Goldstone, as a racist supremacist (he had no problem enforcing apartheid laws in South Africa, as racial supremacism made perfect sense to him), is incapable of understanding a concept like disproportionate response, as to him a gentile is not worth the toenail of a Jew.  Of course, in the real moral world, self-defense has to be proportionate and immediate, and Operation Cast Lead fails spectacularly on both counts.

The bigger lesson to be learned here is that the Jews have made a big mess, but will have no role in cleaning it up.  The fantasy of lite Zionists is that superior Jewish morality, and only superior Jewish morality, is capable of fixing the problem (note the racist supremacism inherent in this thinking).  This is a lie, and a pernicious one.
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