Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

According to the British government, it has no money, and has to cut all social programs to the bone.  Yet it apparently has oodles of money to fight on behalf of one side of a civil war in Libya, a war which is falling on the civilians of Libya, and a war which makes no sense whatsoever as far as real British interests are concerned.  Thus, a very misleading headline - "Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq" - on the war on Iraq trying to hint that the real reason for these wars is to get cheap oil for the people who are paying for the wars. Or course, if you read carefully you can see oil companies having accepted the inevitability of a stupid and counterproductive war lobbying to try to keep up with the competition from other oil companies in the promises made for a postwar Iraq. These aren't Wars For Oil (although we shouldn't be surprised to see the oil companies trying to keep up with events). Nobody could possibly have been more accommodating to international oil companies than Gaddafi.  These wars are all Wars For The Jews.  We're not going to be able to stop them until it is generally acknowledged what is causing them.

The President and Secretary of State want to propose a new peace plan for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.  Dennis Ross, who represents the Lobby, doesn't want to see a new American peace plan before Bibi presents his newest delaying plan to the Congress and the mass hosannas of the Jew-controlled media.  Who do you think will prevail?

"WikiLeaks reveal the United States' heavy-handed efforts to help Israel at the U.N"  The leak, late enough that it must be from a post-Manning batch (via "Wikileaks: Rice to Lieberman: 'I am confident that I can build a blocking coalition to prevent a probe by the UNSC'). It is still somewhat shocking to see the outrageousness of the conduct of American officials led on a leash by the Jews.
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