Sunday, April 03, 2011

Inevitable 'humanitarian' result

As the predictable (and predicted) civilian casualties mount in the NATO 'humanitarian' civilian slaughter, we're headed to the predictable (and predicted) inevitable result of a rump rebel state unable to protect territory without NATO air support, and the rest of the country under Gaddafi.  This sounds like an utter humanitarian disaster, and it is, but is exactly what the Jews and the Arab despots wanted.  The key was to stop the dominoes of Arab democracy from falling, and the rump state means real democracy in Libya is decades away.  At the same time, the existence of the rump state weakens Gaddafi and wastes the resources of Libya - you can kiss that fine standard of living much discussed by the supporters of Gaddafi goodbye - in a never-ending war of attrition with the rump state. The paradox is that this weakening of Libya actually increases the political legitimacy of despot rule in Libya.
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