Thursday, April 14, 2011

Israel Fisher

One of the weirdest in the extremely long list of 'false flag' attacks against things Jewish is the recent attack on the Chabad House in Santa Monica.  A 250 pound (!) concrete chunk hit the roof of a nearby building (and on some accounts damaged the synagogue itself).  This was so odd the police thought it was the result of some kind of  industrial accident .  Then they discovered that the explosive used was purchased in the name of a homeless man initially described - and still described, for reasons we will see - as ' Ron Hirsch '.  It turned out he was Jewish with the real name of Israel Fisher.  Fisher was discovered sleeping in a car, and then released by the police (! - this is either extreme mistaken identity, or police shenanigans).  He then took a bus to Cleveland, Ohio, where the rabbi who took him in eventually recognized him as the wanted man, and turned him in, but not before seeking advice from a more senior rabbi.  Questions:
  1. Where did Fisher, who on all accounts lived hand-to-mouth on handouts from Jewish charities, get the money to buy the explosives and other materials, and how did he have a permanent enough address for them to be sent to?  He was homeless, pulling his possessions in a trailer behind his bicycle.  Having the explosives sent to an address across the street from the target makes him look like a patsy.  In these days of 'terrorism', is it that easy to buy high explosive detonators by mail?  
  2. "Police linked Hirsch to the explosion - which occurred in a plastic trash can near the synagogue - after his name and cellphone number were found on a receipt for three 11-pound (five-kilogram) bags of explosive, found nearby." = patsy. 
  3. Where did Fisher learn how to build such a bomb/mortar?
  4. Why did the police let him go once they caught him (if it was him)?
  5. Why did he decide to take a bus to Ohio? How did he pay for the bus?  We're told he was actually headed to New York City, but missed a connection.  A destitute man paying about $200 for a one-way ticket?  
  6. Having allegedly sought to blow up a Chabad House, why did he seek charity from another Jewish institution where he was likely to be recognized?
  7.  Why didn't the rabbi turn him in before seeking the advice of another rabbi?  Unfortunately, we know the answer to that.  Jews don't turn in Jews.  Had the attack not been made on a Jewish institution, we probably would never have heard about him.
  8. Why did the media misreport his name as 'Irael Fisher'?  We know the answer to that one too.  It was an attempt to disguise the fact that the alleged bomber was himself Jewish. 
Fisher is almost certainly a patsy, fronting for some sophisticated group who wanted a dramatic, but harmless, attack on a Jewish institution (the laying it on thick has already begun).  Since the false flag collapsed, Plan B will now be to depict him as a lone nut acting on the basis of a perceived personal affront from the Chabad House.
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