Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Patsies for the Itamar killings

After taking their time at fabricating evidence and torturing 'confessions', Israeli authorities have finally found some Palestinian patsies to take the blame for the killing by a Thai worker of some settlers in the illegal settlement of Itamar.  Even by the usual Jewish standards of lying, this one is a whopper (my emphasis in red):
"Itamar is a heavily fortified settlement overlooking the surrounding Palestinian villages on whose land it is illegally built. The colony is notoriously well fortified to ensure intruders do not enter; it is completely surrounded by 8 foot high electrified wire fence with 2 feet of razor wire on top, sensors to determine if the fence has been cut, automatic cameras that cover the entire perimeter, 24 hour security guard presence and protection provided by the Israeli military. All of its inhabitants are heavily armed, and like almost all Israeli settlements it is surrounded by hundreds of meters of empty buffer land that Palestinians cannot step foot in.
The fact that Itamar probably has more security than the White House led many to conclude that whoever killed the Fogels could not have simply snuck in and snuck back out again.
But now the Israeli security authorities, that bastion of transparency and human rights, say they’ve extracted confessions from Amjad Awad, 19, and Hakim Awad, 18, both from Awarta. According to Haaretz, the teens decided on a whim to go to Itamar armed with nothing but wire cutters and a prayer. They walked across the buffer zone without being noticed by the cameras, security guards, soldiers or residents of the colony. They reached the electrified fence, where they spent ten minutes cutting the wire. The automatic cameras and sensors seemed, by a stroke of anti-semitic fortune, to be asleep that day.
Once they’d cut the fence, the two teenagers walked into the colony, where again nobody noticed them. They found a house which by sheer luck was 1) unlocked, 2) empty and 3) had an M16 rifle and ammunition lying about. Amjad and Hakim picked up the gun and the bullets, and stepped out of the empty house. There, they moved to the Fogels’ residence. They walked in, and killed four family members-one with the gun, the others with a knife.
Having defied all odds, the teenagers now left the house and went back outside. They still hadn’t been noticed. Neither the gun shot nor the screams had been heard (the security services here explain that the weather wasn’t conducive to carrying sound waves that evening). While realizing they STILL hadn’t been noticed by any of the residents, soldiers, security guards or cameras, Amjad and Hakim spotted the Fogels’ 3 month old baby through the window. So they decided to go back inside and kill the baby.
Insatiable Arab thirst for blood and all that.
Now the teens, armed with a big stolen M16 rifle, ammunition, and a knife simply walked back out of the colony, again unnoticed by the cameras, soldiers, guards, colonists, sensors and maybe even God himself. They walked across the buffer zone, back to their village, and thought they had gotten away with their dastardly crime. Of course, they had forgotten to factor in the tireless efforts of the Israeli army and intelligence apparatus, who laid siege to their village for days, barring the entry of food and medicine, rounding up villagers en masse, savagely beating others and destroying extensive property in Awarta."
You'll also note that the story has changed to suit the newly-manufactured 'facts', with a gun and knife killing replacing the former knife killing (with a concealed knife, explaining the original true story that the settlers were killed by a knife).  Can't you just see those Palestinian teenagers saying, 'What are we going to do this boring afternoon?'  'I know, lets take our umbrella (!), knives and wire cutting shears and go on a certain suicide mission through barbed wire and sensors and IDF soldiers in the wild hopes we might stumble on some guns and kill some settlers.'

Note the logic of comment 15 by Johnboy to a Jerusalem Post article:
"I know that the fence alarm went off, and that one of the security staff went to investigate. He certainly didn't see that the fence was cut, otherwise he would have raised the alarm."
Of course, only a settler or a worker for the settlers would have been allowed in, and would not have needed to cut the fence.  Jewish denials of the story that the IDF questioned all the Thai workers aren't very convincing in the light of the fact that Israel put a gag order over reporting of the actions of Israeli security forces.

The Jews needed to find Palestinian patsies as they had already announced more illegal settlement expansion based on illegal collective punishment based on the rush-to-judgment conclusion that the assassins were Palestinian.  The Jews wanted to wrap up the frame-up before Passover.  Mission accomplished.  The fact that the patsy story is simply preposterous - for many, many reasons - won't bother anybody.
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