Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Syria and the Delusions of the Western Press"  "Western Press Misled – Who Shot the Nine Soldiers in Banyas? Not Syrian Security Forces"  It looks increasingly like the Saudis are supporting Sunni rebels in Syria as punishment against Iran for the Saudi royal fairy tale that Iran was behind the Shi'ite disruptions in Bahrain.

It is curious that the two changes proposed to royal succession in Britain are the two changes required to establish a Jewish Queen - with Jewish children - if a Jewish commoner married a likely heir to the throne and had a first child who was female (vital in a religion passed on through females). It is no doubt just a coincidence that Kate is rumored to be Jewish.  This kind of thing seems quite silly but many powerful people take it very seriously.

Debates on the 'left' regarding nuclear energy are getting quite snarky.

"On offensive appropriations of the Arab Spring"

Remember when Colombia was allied with the United States and was the bitter enemy of Venezuela?:  "Colombia to extradite suspected drug capo to Venezuela"

"Nigeria: Ripe for a WikiLeaks revolution?"

Joseph Naso may be the odd serial killer responsible for the Alphabet murders near Rochester, New York (three girls with first and last names starting with the same letter, whose bodies were each left in a town with a name starting with that same letter). He is also being considered as a candidate for the Zodiac Killer.

"Obama Orders Guantánamo Prisoners Transferred To Next President"
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