Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Orlando Bosch, history’s first passenger plane bomber, dead in Miami"  The outrageous hypocrisy of the Zionist/American War on Terror.

"Are The Latest US Storms, Floods & Fires Related to Climate Change? Yes, Yes, They Are"  It is funny how the damage in the United States tends to occur in those places that have the biggest problems with science.  Darwin laughs.

"The Real Reason Why Coca-Cola Isn't Ditching Bisphenol A" Coke doesn't want to go back to recyclable bottles.

"PSN Data Leak Costs Could Top $24 Billion"  Sony is run by idiots who also happen to be evil.

"The Libyan War, American Power and the Decline of the Petrodollar System" Peter Dale Scott twists and turns and Googles and still can't come up with a reason which convinces himself for this war on Libya: ". . . for these and other reasons, I am persuaded that western actions in Libya have been designed to frustrate Gaddafi’s plans for an authentically post-colonial Africa, not just his threatened actions against the rebels in Benghazi." Oh, come on! This is the great Peter Dale Scott and this reason for war is simply pathetic. It was a War For The Jews. The Jews called and called and called for it, and Obama said no. Finally, they called for it again, and Obama grudgingly gave in  (with the totally unbelievable cover of 'humanitarian intervention').  A week after his speech on Libya his reelection campaign starts, one that will cost over a billion dollars.  Who do you think is going to provide that billion dollars?  Do the math, and there is only one possible conclusion to draw on the real cause of the attack on Libya.  I have to say the alternative-to-the-truth reasons given for the attack on Libya are even more colorful and ludicrous than the alternative-to-the-truth reasons given for the attack on Iraq.  The old Peter Dale Scott would have recognized that the two deep politics reasons for the attack were to stop the Arab dominoes from falling, and to provide a precedent for a Zionist-American attack on Iran.

Zionists complaining about misuse of the Holocaust (a new chapter for Finkelstein?).

". . . Gilad Atzmon, whom I generally avoid here . . ."  Real anti-Zionists cause discomfort to the lites.

"Libya Rebels: NATO Accidentally Killed 12 of Our Fighters"  This is at least the fourth such incident they have told us about.  At what point do we remove 'accidentally' from the headline?

"The Party’s Over for Buffett"  Just another Wall Street crook.

"Convicted RFK assassin says girl manipulated him"  Return of the girl in the polka dot dress.

A tiny bit more on Victoria Adams, which changes nothing about the importance of her story.

As the NDP continues to climb in the polls, the Conservatives are getting very nervous.
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