Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Cage and Wave" Background on Syria.

"Dershowitz’s radioactive plume" Recent events in Japan make any attack on legal Iranian nuclear facilities - as opposed to the completely illegal Israeli nuclear facilities - even less likely, with the Europeans correctly imagining the nuclear fallout landing on them.

"Orthodox rabbi pleads guilty to using religious charities to hide $1M for Solomon Dwek" I'd hate to suggest we're seeing a pattern here, but I wonder how much the crime rate would drop if all rabbis were preemptively arrested. One of the comments: "Message to Fish and Dwek: Contributions to stereotypes are NOT tax deductible."

"NPR Reporter Has Twitter Followers Debunk Libyan-Israeli Missile Rumors"

"Chicago Tylenol murders" - still unsolved.
"A Bitter Pill"
The website (!) and novel (!!) of the guy who was convicted of the extortion (but not the actual poisoning).
"Revised Article: Who was the Tylenol Killer of 1982 and 1986?" - part of the ongoing efforts to blame Ted Kaczynski for all crimes committed in the United States from the late 70s until the time his brother turned him in, but more plausible than the ridiculous attempts to claim Ted was the Zodiac Killer.
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