Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"How the 'Humanitarian' Intervention in Libya Made Our World Infinitely More Dangerous" Gaddafi did everything he was supposed to in eliminating the weapons that would have protected him from the illegal NATO attack.  Supporters of the attack are utter fools, or worse.

I've been collecting cfl links:
  1. "'Green' lightbulbs poison workers"
  2. "Do New Bulbs Save Energy if They Don’t Work?"
  3. "Compact Fluorescent Bulbs are Making People Sick"
  4. "Mercury rising? Fluorescent bulbs deliver mixed benefits"
  5. "CFL Bulbs Have One Hitch: Toxic Mercury"
  6. "Energy-saving light bulbs blamed for migraines"
  7. "Low-energy bulb disposal warning"
I wonder what it is going to take for environmentalists to admit what a stupid decision this is. Remember that other not-so-bright 'environmental' idea, corn ethanol?

"Color Revolution's Mystery Gunmen": "Perhaps this is an overly cynical analysis, as it may just be a coincidence that two regimes, Syria and Yemen, were forced into tenuous positions and just so happened to both grievously miscalculate and deploy snipers to randomly shoot at protesters, further agitating them, and inviting further scorn and pressure from the globalists, eager to oust them." Reminds me of the death of Neda Agha-Soltan.

"The Man behind “Syria Revolution 2011″ Facebook-Page Speaks Out"  The role of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syrian unrest.

What do you do with the writings of a moral philosopher whose life is profoundly immoral?  Fire starting?  Toilet paper?

"How I Came to Work at the Wendy's" by Nick St. John
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