Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It is abundantly clear that the Syrian revolution isn't going anywhere, and the efforts of World Jewry are to use the disruption to weaken, but not end, the Assad regime (while also weakening Iran), using disrupting agents in Syria and rather obvious lying in the American mainstream media.  Thus we explain the seeming paradox:  "Why Does Saban Support Arab Spring?"

"“Syria in Fragments: Divided Minds, Divided Lives,” by an American in Syria"  The Zionist goal would be a state of permanent unrest and dissension, but not enough for actual regime change.

"Okay, Enough: Stop Feeling Sorry for Misha Khodorkovsky"

"Saudi Prince Worries We Might Find Alternatives to Oil"  The Saudis are afraid that the enormous profits of the petroleum speculators are making hydrocarbons so expensive that alternatives will be found, permanently wrecking the oil business, and thus their ability to gamble, drink, and whore around.

"Obama’s London Speech: Holocaust ignoring, holocaust denial and lying by omission and commission"

"Tantawi, eating his words":
"The relationships Tantawi must have developed with key actors in that semi-covert war (which Egypt backed, with even al-Ahram carrying advertisements to "join the jihad" in Afghanistan) such as Prince Bandar. Hence the long-held rumor that not only Tantawi has close relations with the al-Sauds, but also that he is a religious conservative whose views would not be out of sync with the Muslim Brothers."
Tantawi is part of Prince Bandar's counter-revolution.

"Jewish Claims Conference Gets University Antiquity Collection"  The descendants don't want the collection to be broken up, so the Jews have arranged for the loot to go to the Jewish Claims Conference!!!  This has gone beyond obscene.

"Will Sirhan be Retried? Pepper and Dusek Advance the RFK Case"  I'd venture to guess that Sirhan doesn't want a new trial, as it has always appeared that he was covering for someone.

"Manuel Zelaya returns to Honduras"  "What Manuel Zelaya's return means for Honduras"  "Zelaya Says Coup Was International Conspiracy"  "Zelaya’s Return: Neither Reconciliation nor Democracy in Honduras"  What is interesting is that new bffs Venezuela and Colombia went behind Hillary Clinton's back, and against her express instructions, to arrange the return.  American power continues to collapse.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"The Crisis Enters Year Five":
"Yet the tax burdens of US corporations and the richest citizens (what they actually pay) are significantly lower than in most other advanced industrial economies. Indeed, they are far lower than they were inside the US a few years ago. In the mid-1940s, the corporate income tax brought Washington 50% more than the individual income tax. Today, the corporate income tax brings the federal government 25% of what is taken from individuals. In the 1950s and 1960s, the top individual income tax rate in the United States (the rate paid by the richest citizens on all their income over about $100,000) was 91%. Today that rate is 35%, a staggering cut in the taxes on the richest Americans, far larger than the cuts in anyone else's tax rates. Half or more of today's federal deficits would be gone if we simply taxed the richest US citizens at the rates in effect in the 1950s and 1960s. If we also taxed corporations in relation to individuals as we did in the 1940s, the entire deficit would vanish.

In summary, shifting the burden of federal taxation from corporations to individuals and from the richest individuals to the rest of us contributed to massive deficits and debts. Instead of correcting and reversing that unjust shift, Republicans and Democrats plan instead to deal with deficits and debts by cutting Medicaid and Medicare and threatening Social Security."
Sensible taxation policy and an end to fighting Wars For The Jews and the USA is a first-world country again.

"Rahm Emanuel"

"Alleged synagogue bomber loses bid to delay extradition ruling"  The judge had lots of time to give the prosecution a do-over after it completely fucked up its original case, but now is inexplicably - well, we could guess why - in a big hurry.

"Rep. Eric Cantor’s Racist and Dehumanizing AIPAC Comments"  More of the standard Jewish racist supremacism.

"Maryland Passes Bill Requiring French Train Company to Disclose Its Holocaust History"  The Jew-control over American politics is completely out of control, though I'd like to see the law forcing American corporations to make similar disclosures.  I wonder what Maryland taxpayers will think once they have to start paying more on tendered contracts because the number of bidders has been reduced for such a peculiar reason.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Those who have problems with discussion of the Zionist Occupation Government should probably just shut the fuck up now.  "Netanyahu gets more standing ovations than Obama"  "“Don’t ever be the first to stop applauding""

"NYT Again Lies About WMD Claims"  Judy Miller style.

"Court Filings Assert Iran Had Link to 9/11 Attacks"  Laurie Mylroie style.

"How Did Newt Gingrich Get Such a Sweet Deal at Tiffany’s?":
"And what was Callista Gingrich doing during those years? She was a big wig over at the House Agriculture Committee, which has jurisdiction over mining policy - an area where Tiffany's lobbyists were making a big push."

"The El Salvador WikiLeaks cables"

"Why Liberals Attack Progressive Heroes Like Cornel West"  Chris Hedges lays into the Obamaphiles.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday, May 25, 2011

"EXCLUSIVE: New Details Emerge of Radical Imam's Lunch at the Pentagon" "When Osama Bin Laden Was Tim Osman"  The Pentagon must serve a horrible lunch.

"Critique of liberalism and neo-liberalism in the Arab revolutions in Jadaliyya"

"Cornel West, Barack Obama, The Shoeshine Man and Me" American 'progressives' won't accept any criticism of Barry, particularly attacks by people who know what they are talking about.

"‘Haaretz’ report suggests Arab villages were targeted before Nakba" I think it is called 'casing the joint'.  There are no accidents in Zionism. The whole thing has been meticulously preplanned up to and including the current inability to negotiate while the Palestinians are killed and their land slowly stolen.

"Time to Go? Potential Closing of Refugee Camps Along Thai-Burma Border"

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Much Smaller People

"Obama’s speech about the Middle East given last Thursday was delayed a bit because it had to be translated from the Hebrew and all the State Department Hebrew interpreters were already working in Congressional offices."

Don't let them tell you Bibi never tells the truth:  "I am the Leader of a Much Smaller People . . . "  He has to catch himself, but he is clearly contrasting the moral smallness of the Jewish people with the moral greatness of the American people.  This isn't a nuance of language problem - Bibi's from Philadelphia. It is the smallness of the Jews which makes them incapable of negotiating from such a position of strength.  They won't give up one single settler hilltop trailer, which is why the Palestinians are going to get everything.

"Government Official Who Makes Perfectly Valid, Well-Reasoned Point Against Israel Forced To Resign"

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Syria: Conveniently Vulnerable Once Again?"  "Le sort du régime syrien pourrait se jouer devant la justice internationale à La Haye"  Next week, Bellemare will announce that Hariri was assassinated by Lars von Trier and Mel Gibson.  I hate to keep having to point this out, but once you start lying, you have to stick with the original lie.

"Mystery of the helicopter that landed at scene of Dr Kelly's death after his body was found"  "Mystery helicopter claim over Dr David Kelly death"  Removing evidence that would have pointed to murder.

"The Obama Deception: Why Cornel West Went Ballistic"

"Who Ordered the Kent State Shootings?"

"FBI Probes Unabomber Connection to Tylenol Murders"  "'Unabomber' behind 1982 Tylenol poisonings?"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Cannes expels Von Trier for Hitler remarks" [note the "(Editor's note: This story contains offensive content)"] Lèse majesté. Sadly, Cannes is just another version of the Jewish Film Awards (and Hitler's slow rehabilitation continues). This is another example of hiding kowtowing to power under the guise of anti-bigotry.  While the people running the festival are corrupted, the audience gave Mel Gibson a standing ovation.

George Mitchell resigned because the Jew/traitor Dennis Ross blocked all attempts at Middle East peace.

"Ben Stein Watch, DSK edition" Ben Stein is a living article out of the Onion.  I suspect DSK is completely guilty of the crime charged, and was set up (they plan the conspiracy based on the proclivities of the target, i. e., Clinton and Lewinsky).  You monitor the phones as you know he is likely to call for an escort, then, at the right time, send an innocent maid up to the room on a bogus cleaning job.  Was it international banksters, Sarko, or some group that doesn't want another Jew running France?

"Historian writes of 'pleasure' at murder of pro-Palestinian activist" The Jews are so cocky in their power that the violent racist supremacism that constitutes Zionism is coming out. Note also the clear remarks by Wiesenfeld that the Palestinians were non-human.

"Dear Coen Brothers, It’s Nothing Personal (It’s all Political)" Unlike almost everyone who takes the Israeli blood money, the Coen Brothers aren't hacks, but they still shouldn't have taken it (in the middle of another Jewish massacre, no less, although I'll admit it is hard to find a time between the Jewish massacres). Isn't it funny how many big reputations are being ruined by Zionism?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Pakistan to return U.S. helicopter tail, Kerry says"  We're supposed to believe that the helicopter crashed, so the Navy Seals burned and meticulously trashed the entire copter so that the technology couldn't be stolen by the enemies of the United States.  Well, except for the tail, which they left photogenically propped up against the wall.  And nobody has any problem with this story, even when the Americans make a big deal about the return of the tail.  No wonder everything is so fucked up.

You know how much I hate proportional representation, but this I like:  "Should Young People Have Their Votes Count More?"  All the horrible political problems we're seeing are the fault of the olds, who vote as if they will die the day after tomorrow (after enjoying the fruits of their vote-rape tomorrow).

"Was John P. Wheeler Murdered? That Now Seems To Be Increasingly Likely"  Conspiracy that won't die.

"War Crimes and the Bombing of Libya"  There is not even the tiniest doubt that what NATO is doing is the worst of all war crimes, and no possibility that it is within the mandate of the UN.

"Here comes your non-violent resistance":
"So now we have an opportunity to see how Americans will react. We've asked the Palestinians to lay down their arms. We've told them their lack of a state is their own fault; if only they would embrace non-violence, a reasonable and unprejudiced world would see the merit of their claims. Over the weekend, tens of thousands of them did just that, and it seems likely to continue. If crowds of tens of thousands of non-violent Palestinian protestors continue to march, and if Israel continues to shoot at them, what will we do? Will we make good on our rhetoric, and press Israel to give them their state? Or will it turn out that our paeans to non-violence were just cynical tactics in an amoral international power contest staged by militaristic Israeli and American right-wing groups whose elective affinities lead them to shape a common narrative of the alien Arab/Muslim threat? Will we even bother to acknowledge that the Palestinians are protesting non-violently? Or will we soldier on with the same empty decades-old rhetoric, now drained of any truth or meaning, because it protects established relationships of power? What will it take to make Americans recognise that the real Martin Luther King-style non-violent Palestinian protestors have arrived, and that Israeli soldiers are shooting them with real bullets?"
The Nakba Reenactment Society has caused the 'usual suspect' Jews - the 'revisionists' - to tell the usual barefaced lies about the timing of the Nakba, giving decent and moral people a chance to set the record straight. The Nakba started well before the rejection by the Arabs of the colonialist plan for the Middle East. There is no possible self-defense excuse for the Jewish atrocities.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nakba Reenactment Society

Following the 'success' of American middle aged men at reenacting the Civil War, the Jews have established the first branch of the Nakba Reenactment Society by using violence and murder to force Palestinians off - or near - the land stolen from them by the Jews.  The hasbara line is that the reenactment was all the fault of Syria (or Iran - hint:  if you are going to make up a story, it is better to pick just one patsy), which was trying to deflect attention from its own problems (ironic to deflect attention from your own murderous acts by claiming it was all a stunt planned to defect attention from someone else's murderous acts).  I guess Syria (or Iran) now has the technology to cause the trigger fingers of IDF soldiers to contract when their rifles are pointed at unarmed and peaceful civilian protesters.

"Dead where it doesn’t count"

"Palestinians in Lebanon, at the lonely end of the Arab uprisings"

Sunday, May 15, 2011


If you look at the pictures of the helicopter tail in Pakistan you can see what really happened.  The Americans brought a prop tail, and leaned it against the wall (I'm not sure how they did it, but the prop may be made of extra-light material).  They then scattered some junk around the compound, and lit a fire.  If you look carefully, there is no damage to the wall which supposedly broke off the tail, and even no damage to the strands of barbed wire above the wall.  The tail couldn't have broken off hitting that wall in a too-close-for-comfort landing.  Note how the Pakistanis spirited away all the burned junk, but allowed clear pictures of the tail, before partly covering it.  Everybody was meant to see the phony tail.

Why would the Americans do this?:
  1. To provide the illusion of an extra bit of high tech American prowess to sell this fairy tale to the American people;
  2. To create some confusion about the state of American military capabilities; and
  3. To provide some protection for Pakistani officials by explaining how the helicopters weren't detected by Pakistani radar (presumably this was the Pakistani price for going along with this charade).
Remember, there was absolutely nothing covert about the operation, which made so much noise it was being live tweeted by a guy in Abbottabad. If he could hear it, so could the Pakistani military.

The internet is still crackling with wild speculations about the technological meaning behind every detail of the photos, with nary a skeptical word.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I vaguely remember something about not doing evil, or something:  "Workers Leaving the Googleplex" If you are trying to replicate ancient Athens, you need a slave class.

"Are We Entering A New Age Of Feudalism?"

"CIA ran bin Laden operation" Who is feeling under appreciated?

"The Neverending Story: Updates on the fantasies, falsehoods, and fear-mongering about Iran’s nuclear program"  Iran, always five to seven years from the bomb.  Oh those rascally Jews.  Fortunately, the chance of an attack on Iran, which were always about zero, are now, post Egyptian revolution, a number much, much less than zero.  Still, talking about it is 'good for the Jews'.

One sentence which encapsulates Israel's relationship with the United States and general Israeli business morality:  "The diplomats' efforts were made easier when an interpreter for the Israeli firm, Global CST, was caught peddling classified Colombian Defense Ministry documents to Marxist guerrillas seeking to topple the state, one cable said." 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conspiracy paradigm

From "Jim DiEugenio's presentation from NID 2010" in Justice for Kennedy:
"One of the things that Jim Garrison did that was immediately buried when Blakey came in is he wrote a remarkable letter, a really wise and prescient letter to Jonathan Blackmer, who was a lawyer designated by Bob Tannenbaum to run the New Orleans investigation and in this letter he warned Blackmer that you could not rely on the usual investigative techniques to solve this case because the crime scene evidence used to indict Oswald in both the Tippit murder and the Kennedy murder was so suspect that it would be demolished in court if you had to actually go by the real rules of evidence which, of course, the Warren Commission did not, but it would never stand up under cross-examination. Therefore, the way to solve the case was you had to find a paradigm that would be justified internally by the evidence yet the overall design would fit the shape of the plot. Now, what did he mean by that? He meant this, Johnnie Roselli did not control Ruth and Michael Paine, George Bush did not stop Jim Humes from dissecting the neck wound, Felipe Vidal [Santiago] and John Martino did not fake the pictures of Kennedy’s brain, LBJ did not send a picture of a KGB agent to CIA HQ in order to match a false description, H. L. Hunt did not provide that very long piece of paper that was taken down by the police at the TSBD which the only way Frazier could have had under his arm was if he was King Kong and he did not produce a rifle that Oswald never ordered. How many of you know that? The so called rifle “found” in the Texas School Book Depository does not match the order form either in length or in style. This is a point that David Belin if you read the testimony on this issue tried to keep out of the record. It does not match. It is something that has never been explained. And Roy Truly did not escort Oswald around the Clinton / Jackson area [of Louisiana] in August of 1963.

So, Garrison concluded that if your paradigm did not fit these circumstances then you had to revise it until it did. And that was the only way that you would solve this case. Now I actually believe it’s possible to do this today, in other words to present a comprehensive and cohesive case that fits these circumstances. And we have to, unlike what Baker said last year that to give the case currency you had to read his book I believe the best evidence to give this case currency is what has happened to this country. Again, I’m old enough to have been around back then when Kennedy was president. The United States isn’t anything like it was back then. When Kennedy, probably the best line in Manchester’s whole book, when Kennedy arrives in Dallas he says we’re really in nut country now. Well, the nuts have taken over. The teabaggers have taken over the country. And it would not have happened if the JFK case had not occurred. Because the JFK case enabled the following assassinations, of King, and RFK. And that resulted in the coming of power of Richard Nixon and the eventual decline of this country, socially, economically, and politically. Now this is a message you won’t find on the so called Liberal blogosphere, like Daily Kos, and Huffingtonpost, etc. In fact, they’ve been given instructions to keep the conspiracy stuff out. Unless this country ever develops a media that is going to be honest about its past it will never be able to solve the problems of the present. And unless we the JFK case stay on our guard we run the risk of what is happening to us what happened to the 9/11 movement. I don’t know if you’re familiar with people like Judy Wood, and Morgan Reynolds, and John Lear etc. But, it is one of the things that marginalized them in world record time. So, we can’t let our guard down and we can’t succumb to sensationalism. We have the proper data and background in our grasp, all we need is the opportunity. And sooner or later when things get bad enough which they are well on their way to being bad enough we are going to be needed and we have to be ready. Okay?"
So if you say x did y, x has to have been able to control not only y, but all the other aspects of the conspiracy, including removing or blocking or disabling all the institutional protectors who are in place to prevent the conspiracy from succeeding. Usually, x has to be also able to control and direct the cover-up (although in the JFK assassination, the plot involved a trick, the prospect of war with Russia, which appears to have convinced non-conspirators to go along with the cover-up).

Judy Wood, and Morgan Reynolds, and John Lear are three of the most . . . unfortunate . . . of the Truthers.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

"Are Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs Really Green?"

"Iran: No Sorcery But A Constitutional Struggle"  The tiff is over.  The Jew-controlled media likes to make something out of nothing in order to try to weaken President Ahmadinejad.  They've done it before and they'll do it again.

More of the same:  "Iran helping Syrian regime crack down on protesters, say diplomats"  From a month before:  "US Says Iran Helping Syria Quell Protests"

"Tail dangles job to dog" - state of the Lobby in 1988.

For the credulous: "A timeline of deadly al-Qaeda attacks"

"Pictures of Obama's Speech Announcing bin Laden's Death Were Staged"  They seem to have gone out of their way to purge this incident of any shred of authenticity.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Obama's Osama VI

There is not much more to be said, particularly as this conspiracy has been so obvious that it has appeared in the mainstream media and even in the blogs of the conspiracy-fearing American 'left'.  Killing Osama bin Laden as described and re-described to us means either:
  1. someone in the Navy Seals made a horrible mistake;
  2. the guy in the compound wasn't Osama, and they killed him just so Obama could announce the death of an Osama who had died of natural causes years before; or
  3. Osama was a CIA asset all along, and there was nothing more they could learn from him (and his continued life in interrogation could prove embarrassing).
Alternatively, I've even seen the theory that the raid, death, burial at sea, etc., were all a ruse to cover the live capture of the real Osama, who can now be quietly tortured without raising the hackles of his supporters.

Of all the many 'corrections' in the Official Story, the most important was to walk back the boasting that Obama watched the raid from a live feed.  If this was true, Obama's speech contained barefaced lies.

I note hints of dissent within American institutions.  This Navy Seal unit committed mass breaches of international law (and probably complete breaches of their orders), mowing down unarmed innocent civilians on the way to the target.  Many of the stories we've seen seem to be calculated to hide the wrongdoing.  Alternative corrected stories appear to be coming from known CIA assets, indicating that the CIA may be displeased at again being kept out of the loop except for the grunt work, with all the glory going to the Pentagon.

It is such a mess we'll never know what happened, especially since there is never any cost in American politics for lying.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Obama's Osama V

"Shot dead 'with money sewn into his clothes': Bin Laden was captured alive and then executed, 'claims daughter, 12'"  This story actually makes much, much, much more sense than any of the various versions of the Official Story from the American government, but to accept it you have to assume that bin Laden was a CIA asset all along, already fully debriefed, and thus of no more use from an intelligence point of view.  In the absence of any more information, I'm going to take this as the definitive account (although I have to say it is surprising that we are hearing anything from the daughter).

"Security officials said they did not recover any arms and explosives during their detailed search of the compound and the 13-roomed house, during which they removed two buffalos, a cow and around 150 chickens." American soldiers ate well that night!  The lack of weapons is more reason to believe he was effectively a prisoner of Pakistan.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Obama's Osama IV

It is likely that Osama was being held prisoner by Pakistan in his Palestine-shaped compound (it was originally built in uninhabited area, so the shape was not constrained by his neighbors).  He could have lived anywhere - why would he choose this particular place?  The American right is trying to put the blame on Pakistan, claiming that he was being sheltered by the Islamist-leaning Pakistani military.  I have no doubt that such elements exist in the Pakistani military, but it is not the only view, and Osama was in considerable risk living where he was.  The logical conclusion is that he was being held there, stored until he could be useful for Pakistan.  What does Pakistan get in return?

The vague and peculiar American story that Pakistan wasn't aware of bin Laden's presence, and wasn't given prior notice of the American attack - for fear, presumably, of tipping Osama off - is probably to cover for Pakistan's help in allowing American access to bin Laden, help that wouldn't go over very well in the Pakistani borderlands.

I'm thinking that Obama himself ordered the correction of the original lying Official Story.  There were a lot of people in that room with him watching what happened in real time.  Some may come out with memoirs, which could be embarrassing to Obama if they stated the truth of what happened.  Hillary would love to show that Obama let the lies stand.

In a logical world, if bin Laden is the grand terrorist mastermind running the show that American propagandists would have you believe, the Americans would do anything to take him alive so they could question him in an effort to disband the 'al Qaeda' network.  Instead, they just shot him dead and gave a lie to explain why.  Was this a mistake, or did they know he had no useful information as he was a CIA asset all along?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Obama's Osama III

"Obama watched Bin Laden raid live"

So everybody watched it as it happened, and they still can't get the story even remotely straight.  The attacking team - already mythologized into the stratosphere - had a dead woman to explain [correction, she was just shot - I wonder what the chances are of hearing her story!], and the fact that Osama ended up dead in a 'shoot out' even though he didn't have a gun.

More discrepancies here. Everything about the information that supposedly tipped off the Americans appears to have been fabricated (possibly to protect sources and operations, but probably because the American authorities are congenital liars).

Monday, May 02, 2011

Canadian election - hell

The Conservatives won a majority and will have it for years.  Harper will have enough time to wreck the country, and, in particular, the health care system.  It appears that fear of an NDP, i.e., socialist, government convinced normal Liberal voters to vote Conservative.  Stick a fork in it - Canada as we know it is finished.

Obama's Osama II

Americans of all political stripes are shouting 'USA, USA' and behaving in the embarrassing style to which the rest of the world has become accustomed.  Much celebration of the competence and toughness of the American military.  But the greater operation was a complete fuck-up.  Obama was supposed to be able to announce, in quick succession:
  1. the death of Gaddafi, and thus the American 'salvation' of the people of Libya; and
  2. the live capture of Osama bin Laden.
Instead, these incompetents end up killing Seif (the Lesser) and possibly three Gaddafi grandsons, and letting Osama turn into a martyr.  'USA, USA' indeed.  Morons!  I'll bet Obama's swearing at hearing the results peeled the wallpaper off the walls of the Oval Office.  It must have been like one of those Hitler videos.  Then he had to put on his game face, turn on the teleprompter, and announce 'victory'.

Burial at sea?  If they were really interested in preventing the creation of a shrine they could have easily buried him anywhere in Pakistan in an unmarked grave the whereabouts of which was only known to a handful of American soldiers.  We've reached the point where we are seeing additions to the Official Story that are included just to create interest amongst the conspiracy crowd.  I am reminded of Atta's passport.

"Hillary Clinton: Osama bin Laden killing shows 'you cannot defeat us'" Really? About three or four or five Wars For The Jews later, the most powerful nation in the world is headed to third-world status at record speed.  Its citizens are unable to fly anywhere without being sexually assaulted, and many other civil liberties have been permanently lost, all in fighting the 'War On Terror'. If that's not defeat, I don't know what is.

Obama's Osama

I don't think they would risk a Miller's Crossing situation, with the guy who is supposed to be dead popping up inconveniently.  Thus, we can conclude that he is dead, and died within the last ten years.  The last real evidence of his being alive is interviews in the fall of 2001 (see here and here). Later videos and interview transcripts are obviously bogus intelligence creations.

There is no way to know when he died.

The timing is odd from an American political point of view.  Why not wait until just before the Presidential election?  If the killing was phony, and Osama was already dead, they could have staged it any time.  If the killing was real, Osama obviously wasn't going anywhere, so they could have delayed the operation.

The most obvious reason for the timing is the talk about the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan and Iraq.  A good way to stop this is to ratchet up the War On Terror by staging a false-flag attack against the United States characterized as 'al Qaeda' revenge for the death of Osama bin Laden.  Americans are already being brainwashed for this attack.

"Bin Laden's great escape: How the world's most wanted man made fools of elite troops who'd trapped him in his mountain lair" A whitewash of the time the Americans allowed Pakistan to rescue bin Laden, published just a day before the 'death' announcement. 

"He said he was going to die a martyr's death for Allah and Islam." (from the Hamid Mir interview)