Monday, May 02, 2011

Obama's Osama II

Americans of all political stripes are shouting 'USA, USA' and behaving in the embarrassing style to which the rest of the world has become accustomed.  Much celebration of the competence and toughness of the American military.  But the greater operation was a complete fuck-up.  Obama was supposed to be able to announce, in quick succession:
  1. the death of Gaddafi, and thus the American 'salvation' of the people of Libya; and
  2. the live capture of Osama bin Laden.
Instead, these incompetents end up killing Seif (the Lesser) and possibly three Gaddafi grandsons, and letting Osama turn into a martyr.  'USA, USA' indeed.  Morons!  I'll bet Obama's swearing at hearing the results peeled the wallpaper off the walls of the Oval Office.  It must have been like one of those Hitler videos.  Then he had to put on his game face, turn on the teleprompter, and announce 'victory'.

Burial at sea?  If they were really interested in preventing the creation of a shrine they could have easily buried him anywhere in Pakistan in an unmarked grave the whereabouts of which was only known to a handful of American soldiers.  We've reached the point where we are seeing additions to the Official Story that are included just to create interest amongst the conspiracy crowd.  I am reminded of Atta's passport.

"Hillary Clinton: Osama bin Laden killing shows 'you cannot defeat us'" Really? About three or four or five Wars For The Jews later, the most powerful nation in the world is headed to third-world status at record speed.  Its citizens are unable to fly anywhere without being sexually assaulted, and many other civil liberties have been permanently lost, all in fighting the 'War On Terror'. If that's not defeat, I don't know what is.
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