Saturday, May 07, 2011

Obama's Osama VI

There is not much more to be said, particularly as this conspiracy has been so obvious that it has appeared in the mainstream media and even in the blogs of the conspiracy-fearing American 'left'.  Killing Osama bin Laden as described and re-described to us means either:
  1. someone in the Navy Seals made a horrible mistake;
  2. the guy in the compound wasn't Osama, and they killed him just so Obama could announce the death of an Osama who had died of natural causes years before; or
  3. Osama was a CIA asset all along, and there was nothing more they could learn from him (and his continued life in interrogation could prove embarrassing).
Alternatively, I've even seen the theory that the raid, death, burial at sea, etc., were all a ruse to cover the live capture of the real Osama, who can now be quietly tortured without raising the hackles of his supporters.

Of all the many 'corrections' in the Official Story, the most important was to walk back the boasting that Obama watched the raid from a live feed.  If this was true, Obama's speech contained barefaced lies.

I note hints of dissent within American institutions.  This Navy Seal unit committed mass breaches of international law (and probably complete breaches of their orders), mowing down unarmed innocent civilians on the way to the target.  Many of the stories we've seen seem to be calculated to hide the wrongdoing.  Alternative corrected stories appear to be coming from known CIA assets, indicating that the CIA may be displeased at again being kept out of the loop except for the grunt work, with all the glory going to the Pentagon.

It is such a mess we'll never know what happened, especially since there is never any cost in American politics for lying.
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