Sunday, May 15, 2011


If you look at the pictures of the helicopter tail in Pakistan you can see what really happened.  The Americans brought a prop tail, and leaned it against the wall (I'm not sure how they did it, but the prop may be made of extra-light material).  They then scattered some junk around the compound, and lit a fire.  If you look carefully, there is no damage to the wall which supposedly broke off the tail, and even no damage to the strands of barbed wire above the wall.  The tail couldn't have broken off hitting that wall in a too-close-for-comfort landing.  Note how the Pakistanis spirited away all the burned junk, but allowed clear pictures of the tail, before partly covering it.  Everybody was meant to see the phony tail.

Why would the Americans do this?:
  1. To provide the illusion of an extra bit of high tech American prowess to sell this fairy tale to the American people;
  2. To create some confusion about the state of American military capabilities; and
  3. To provide some protection for Pakistani officials by explaining how the helicopters weren't detected by Pakistani radar (presumably this was the Pakistani price for going along with this charade).
Remember, there was absolutely nothing covert about the operation, which made so much noise it was being live tweeted by a guy in Abbottabad. If he could hear it, so could the Pakistani military.

The internet is still crackling with wild speculations about the technological meaning behind every detail of the photos, with nary a skeptical word.
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