Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Cannes expels Von Trier for Hitler remarks" [note the "(Editor's note: This story contains offensive content)"] Lèse majesté. Sadly, Cannes is just another version of the Jewish Film Awards (and Hitler's slow rehabilitation continues). This is another example of hiding kowtowing to power under the guise of anti-bigotry.  While the people running the festival are corrupted, the audience gave Mel Gibson a standing ovation.

George Mitchell resigned because the Jew/traitor Dennis Ross blocked all attempts at Middle East peace.

"Ben Stein Watch, DSK edition" Ben Stein is a living article out of the Onion.  I suspect DSK is completely guilty of the crime charged, and was set up (they plan the conspiracy based on the proclivities of the target, i. e., Clinton and Lewinsky).  You monitor the phones as you know he is likely to call for an escort, then, at the right time, send an innocent maid up to the room on a bogus cleaning job.  Was it international banksters, Sarko, or some group that doesn't want another Jew running France?

"Historian writes of 'pleasure' at murder of pro-Palestinian activist" The Jews are so cocky in their power that the violent racist supremacism that constitutes Zionism is coming out. Note also the clear remarks by Wiesenfeld that the Palestinians were non-human.

"Dear Coen Brothers, It’s Nothing Personal (It’s all Political)" Unlike almost everyone who takes the Israeli blood money, the Coen Brothers aren't hacks, but they still shouldn't have taken it (in the middle of another Jewish massacre, no less, although I'll admit it is hard to find a time between the Jewish massacres). Isn't it funny how many big reputations are being ruined by Zionism?
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