Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It is abundantly clear that the Syrian revolution isn't going anywhere, and the efforts of World Jewry are to use the disruption to weaken, but not end, the Assad regime (while also weakening Iran), using disrupting agents in Syria and rather obvious lying in the American mainstream media.  Thus we explain the seeming paradox:  "Why Does Saban Support Arab Spring?"

"“Syria in Fragments: Divided Minds, Divided Lives,” by an American in Syria"  The Zionist goal would be a state of permanent unrest and dissension, but not enough for actual regime change.

"Okay, Enough: Stop Feeling Sorry for Misha Khodorkovsky"

"Saudi Prince Worries We Might Find Alternatives to Oil"  The Saudis are afraid that the enormous profits of the petroleum speculators are making hydrocarbons so expensive that alternatives will be found, permanently wrecking the oil business, and thus their ability to gamble, drink, and whore around.

"Obama’s London Speech: Holocaust ignoring, holocaust denial and lying by omission and commission"

"Tantawi, eating his words":
"The relationships Tantawi must have developed with key actors in that semi-covert war (which Egypt backed, with even al-Ahram carrying advertisements to "join the jihad" in Afghanistan) such as Prince Bandar. Hence the long-held rumor that not only Tantawi has close relations with the al-Sauds, but also that he is a religious conservative whose views would not be out of sync with the Muslim Brothers."
Tantawi is part of Prince Bandar's counter-revolution.

"Jewish Claims Conference Gets University Antiquity Collection"  The descendants don't want the collection to be broken up, so the Jews have arranged for the loot to go to the Jewish Claims Conference!!!  This has gone beyond obscene.

"Will Sirhan be Retried? Pepper and Dusek Advance the RFK Case"  I'd venture to guess that Sirhan doesn't want a new trial, as it has always appeared that he was covering for someone.

"Manuel Zelaya returns to Honduras"  "What Manuel Zelaya's return means for Honduras"  "Zelaya Says Coup Was International Conspiracy"  "Zelaya’s Return: Neither Reconciliation nor Democracy in Honduras"  What is interesting is that new bffs Venezuela and Colombia went behind Hillary Clinton's back, and against her express instructions, to arrange the return.  American power continues to collapse.
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