Friday, June 17, 2011

International Law, R. I. P.

"The Bombing of Al Fateh University, Campus B" by Cynthia McKinney. It is amazing how international law, pretty much on its death bed thanks to Israel, has been brutally murdered, with nary a whimper from the 'left'.Of course, the 'left' can't argue very much as it called for the murder.  International Law, R. I. P.

The CIA, seeing 'Langley' wallow in the mass murder by NATO and end of international law, has his back.  No one is curious about the timing.  Of course, legal or not, the CIA has this kind of information on everybody.  Did they use it?  No.

"Israeli intelligence leaked a fake Syrian document (which was later circulated in news site of the Syrian Muslim Brothers) "

I agree with the gist of the comments on Weiner.  Those recruited to go into politics are chosen in part because of character flaws which will allow them to be controlled through blackmail.  What we now know about Weiner is the tip of the iceberg of what Breitbart has, or will have.  Weiner was waiting for his wife to get back from Europe to ask her if she would 'stand by' him through the inevitable explosions.  Unfortunately for him, she was traveling with Hillary (where they were no doubt continuing their lesbian affair), the world's expert on the ins and outs of the exchange of wifely ritual humiliation for power.  The timing of the revelations was critical as it allowed the right-wingers to protect their most valuable political asset, a dumb and crooked but reliably right-wing Supreme Court judge.  There is a lot of irony in sinking Weiner on sexual issues in order to keep Thomas.

"No Room for Jello!"  Even by the very low standards of those exchanging shekels for integrity and reputation, Jello's rationalization is pathetic.  In case you are wondering:  "The Non-Jewish Side of My Jewish Punk Research "

"A New (to Me) Theory about the Kennedy Assassination: It Was an Accident"  I'm not sure how LHO fired from the Grassy knoll while sitting in the TSBD, but I suppose the Connally story could be a possible explanation for what Kennedy-fan LHO thought he was shooting at.  Unlikely.

"Leopold Bloom Resigns After Erotic Letters Leak"  Yesterday was Bloomsday and today is Jello Biafra's birthday.
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