Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Assange, the optimist:
"Plans which assist authoritarian rule, once discovered, induce resistance. Hence these plans are concealed by successful authoritarian powers. This is enough to define their behavior as conspiratorial.

Conspiracies are cognitive devices. They are able to outthink the same group of individuals acting alone Conspiracies take information about the world in which they operate (the conspiratorial environment), pass through the conspirators and then act on the result. We can see conspiracies as a type of device that has inputs (information about the environment), a computational network (the conspirators and their links to each other) and outputs (actions intending to change or maintain the environment).

In a world where leaking is easy, secretive or unjust systems are nonlinearly hit relative to open, just systems. Since unjust systems, by their nature induce opponents, and in many places barely have the upper hand, mass leaking leaves them exquisitely vulnerable to those who seek to replace them with more open forms of governance."
Nation building: "Exchange program cancelled after Afghan students flee U.S. for Canada"

"Senator Schumer Says Bitcoin Is Money Laundering" The Homepage of J. Orlin Grabbe is almost all Bitcoin these days.

"Yale Pulls the Plug on Anti-Semitism Institute" - "A faculty review committee said the 5-year-old Yale Initiative for the Interdisciplinary Study of Anti-Semitism did not meet its standards on research and teaching . . ."  That's the polite way to refer to Jews lying so they can murder people and steal their land.

"Pharmageddon: how America got hooked on killer prescription drugs"  The pillbillie bus trip was a plot point in the American TV series 'Justified'.  Also:  "David Simon to Attorney General: Drop Drug War and We’ll Do More Wire"  Is Holder the worst Attorney General in the history of the United States?  He makes John Ashcroft look good.

"Daniel Ellsberg: All the crimes Richard Nixon committed against me are now legal"

"Onion-Like Headlines in Real Life"
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