Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Via the Angry Arab, "Turning the 'right of return' into reality": ". . . if we become just and moral, I do not know where we will end up." Probably as Christians or Muslims.

"What’s the mysterious story behind the Ofer Brothers’ “Iran-gate”?" Iran-Contra all over again (Iran-Contra was just a business deal between Jews and Iran that had American implications). This history of Israel forcing the goyim to dance to their tune while engaging in the worst hypocrisy as long as they can make a few shekels is appalling.  Israel has never acted as if it really believes that Iran is any kind of enemy. 

"Bill Black: Bad Cop; Crazed Cop - the IMF and the ECB"  It is funny that everybody knows that the point of all the bailouts is to have regular people pay for the enormous mistakes of the super-rich banksters, and yet we continue to pay them, and talk about how we will pay them, against all commercial morality and common sense.

"Dylan: What's Yours Is Mine, And What's Mine Is Mine, Too"  Is it a coincidence that the late Gil Scott-Heron didn't complain about all the sampling and also found it in his heart not to perform in Israel?  Some people have grace, and some don't.
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