Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From the Angry Arab:
"But this is a typical Zionist propaganda trick that i have come to know full well, having lived in the US since 1983.  I saw that in the 1980s about the Jews in Syria.  When the Jews of Syria lived there, Zionists in the US were launching propaganda campaigns to the effect, "let my people go".  Why is Syria holding Jews hostage inside the country.  And when Syria allowed the Jews to immigrate, the Zionist propaganda apparatus quickly adjusted and they launched campaigns to the effect: look. They expelled the Jews from Syria. This is just like what happened to the Palestinians."
"'Rarely have lawyers been paid so much to lose so much.'"  For years the Getty operated like an organized crime gang.  Its arrogance has cost it some of the very best parts of its collection.

"Allende's exhumation fans more conspiracy theories"

"Libyan rebels' advances near Misrata wiped out by Nato orders":  "Meanwhile, Gaddafi remains in control of much of the country, and some in his forces remain defiant."

"On Naksa Day, unarmed resistance sends Israel into violent contortions" - the convoluted and contradictory explanations of the Jews for their latest mass civilian murder. 

"Diab committed for extradition in Paris synagogue bombing case"  All the evidence presented to the Canadian judge was lying crap, a point acknowledged by the judge himself, who then washed his hands like Pontus Pilate.  The theory is that once the French prosecutors tell barefaced lies to the Canadian court, the Canadian court is then supposed to turn the accused over to the French court system on the basis that the French court procedure will be entirely fair!
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