Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Did Russian mafia kill the body-in-a-bag spy? MI6 man  found dead in holdall in London, was developing secret technology to track gangsters' laundered cash"  How would the Russians know what he was doing?  Why would they think killing one guy would stop the development of the technology?

"Did Cheap Chinese Knockoff Phones Lead To The Arab Spring?"  Cell phones are the technology that totalitarians can't counter.

"The Great Corn Con"  Tragically late, but people are finally waking up to the folly of making fuel from corn.

"Germany’s season of angst: why a prosperous nation is turning on itself "

"Q&A: Germany and the Greek debt crisis"

Do the Jews not realize that the Gaza flotilla is a publicity action, and all their threats, hoaxes, sabotage, etc, are just increasing the publicity?  Their problem would go away if they just politely allowed the boats to dock and efficiently and quietly aided the unloading of the cargo.
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