Thursday, July 28, 2011

Double Whammy

"Breivik: Hitler should have been a Zionist"  Actually, since almost all the rich Jews got away, Hitler ended up doing what Breivik thought he should have done.  That puts Hitler right inside the conspiracy in the line of various treasons which include the Balfour Declaration and numerous acts by American governments in the last 60 or so years.  No Hitler = no Israel, and the Jewish Billionaires are fine.  This modern philo-Semitic, Islamophobic European ultra-nationalism is incoherent, but it is interesting how they attempt to square the circle by distinguishing between Good Jews and Bad Jews.  This is similar to the compromise made by anti-Semitic American Christian Zionists, who will support Jews until the Rapture.

"FBI’s ‘Islam 101′ Depicted Muslims as 7th-Century Simpletons"  I'll bet the professional Islamophobes got paid big bucks to add their peculiar brand of 'expertise' to these training procedures.

I haven't linked to FAIR in a long time:  "Seeing 'Islamic Terror' in Norway" A blow-by-blow account of the American mainstream media lies by the Islamophobes.  The Professional Islamophobes suffered the Double Whammy:  not only did their rush to judgment bring to light their usual pattern of lies, but it turns out that Breivik was a big fan of most of them, and his terrorism was heavily influenced by their writings, which makes them terrorists too.

Speaking of the invention of terrorism by the Jews:
"Notably, Eileen Fleming observed that Friday's attack occurred on the 65th King David Hotel (1946) bombing anniversary, carried out by (pre-Israeli) Irgun terrorists led by future prime minister Menachem Begin."
I also note that a smarter false-flag attack might not point directly at your enemies, which would be too obvious, but at your (partial) friends. Remember that the key Israeli goal at the moment is to prevent a Palestinian state, and the Palestinians are doing an end run around the Security Council by attempting to obtain a good majority in the General Assembly, enough to provide them state-like status in places like the International Criminal Court, a prospect which scares the bejesus - so to speak - out of the Jews. Each country's vote counts, particularly a morally influential country like Norway, and the slaughter of a lot of the political class of Norway might have been thought to be 'good for the Jews'.

"Is Anders Behring Breivik A Dominionist?" Much more in the original.

"Muslim Islamofascist Jihadists steal girl’s bike! (Updated)"
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