Saturday, July 30, 2011

Follow the money

Raimondo makes the following two points:
  1. Where did Breivik's money come from?
  2. What the hell was Pamela Geller doing when she aided the mystery poster from Norway, who threatened terrorism, and who sure sounds like Breivik, in hiding his identity?  By the way, Raimondo writes 'Swedish' when he must mean 'Norwegian'.
Curiously, Breivik was almost immediately described in the media as a self-made millionaire (buying into Breivik's own explanation without question), explaining the problem of his not having sufficient legitimate funds to pay for the terrorism, and allowing the usual 'lone nut' story to stand. This explanation was a lie. Was it spread by the media as part of a conspiracy, or was it just the usual incompetence?  Who provided the money?

It appears that Breivik was led on his way by, and probably financed by, that mysterious group that met in London in 2002.  He would have been one of a number of 'sleepers' whose legend was prepared for when they were needed (they would also have set up the complicated legal structure to hide the source of financing). That is what authorities should be looking at (but of course won't, as they tend to shy away from real power).

Once you get over the 'lone nut' lie, anybody could have been using Breivik to accomplish their wicked ends.  That's when we start to look at motive, and ask the very reasonable question of which group which tends to use covert means and false flag attacks had a big motive to send a violent message to the Norwegian political class at this time.
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