Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, July 11 2011

The armies of the United States and its allies have had their asses kicked the length and breadth of Afghanistan by the Taliban, so Leon Panetta declares an imminent stunning victory over unicorns.  I guess it is better than attacking Grenada.

"“Extreme Dishonesty”: The Guardian, Noam Chomsky, and Venezuela"  Sad attempt to defend Noam.  Hugo Chavez was very ill, out of the country, his country is subject to constant attacks from the US, and there is a history of actual coup attempts, and Noam picks this time to attach a direct attack on Chavez to a very dubious claim that a judge is being badly treated.  No wonder many feel Noam is just a well-camouflaged CIA asset.

It seems that all powerful Jews are 'one-issue guys'.

"Vancouver Rioters Trying To Abuse Copyright To Avoid Being Identified, Which Only Helps Identify Them"  It is interesting how many rich kids participated in the looting.
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