Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Quixotic Joust"  Dallas, 1963:  everybody who wasn't an extremely suspicious Jew was related to one another.

"Who might be wrongfully accusing ISI of killing journalist?":  "Considering such efforts by the Israel lobby to undermine US-Pakistan relations, isn’t it highly probable that the senior U.S. officials attempting to discredit the ISI also have close ties to Israel?"

"Gimme a Break: The CIA Asset Turned Taliban Bodyguard Assassin?!"

"New York Times stands by Ethan Bronner’s Facebook fabrications"  Hasbara crapola built up by the lyin' NYT.  Ho hum.

"How Greece abandoned Palestine"

"Zizek and the Gaza Flotilla"  You don't get to be a pop-star philosopher without knowing which side your bread is buttered on.

"Chinook Disaster: Did Britain Sacrifice Counterinsurgency Top Brass To Defeat Irish Republicans?"  Hilarious conspiracy theory, but the far more likely explanation is a bureaucratic snafu - sending everybody into a storm in a helicopter - with the blame put on the victim pilots as part of an ass-covering operation.

"Anti-Star Trek: A Theory of Posterity"  How to keep the class system once you've reached a Marxist utopia of super-abundance.  There is a strong note of parody in that in many ways we're already there, while simultaneously trying to flee abundance and its consequences as quickly as possible (you could summarize modern conservative politics as a collection of techniques to flee abundance).
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