Sunday, July 03, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ernest Hemingway appeared to be suffering from paranoid delusions, but it turns out that he was right, and J. Edgar Hoover did hound him to suicide.

"Jello cancels"  Jello Biafra does the right thing, but his before and after rationalizations sound like he's suffering from profound brain damage.

"On BDS Bashers and their Search for Fig Leaves"

"Getting Used to Life Without Food:  Wall Street, BP, Bio-ethanol and the Death of Millions"  Superb Engdahl (who has been writing a lot of crap recently).

"Noam Chomsky denounces old friend Hugo Chávez for 'assault' on democracy"  Noam goes way further in attacking Hugo Chavez than he has to (and way further than the views expressed in his letter).  As a key cog in the World Zionist Conspiracy (are their any doubters now, given the sorry Greek-American-European Zionist conspiracy to stop the Gaza flotilla?), Noam may be worried about Chavez and world anti-Zionism.  Noam's over-enthusiasm in attacking Chavez also makes me wonder whether it was Israel that gave him the cancer.

"Censorship in Japan: The Fukushima Cover-up"  Japan suffers from the world's worst case of the old-boys' network.
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