Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Via the comment by Big Red Banana, a very good catch: "Three men flee scene of fatal crash in Hertfordshire".  Too much of a coincidence -  the murderers of Sean Hoare were in a hurry to get away (it is easier to fake a suicide with an alleged drug addict than it is with someone like, say, David Kelly).  It reminds me of the CIA's attempted extraction of Raymond Allen Davis from Pakistan. The CIA boobs were in such a hurry, and so full of their omnipotence, that they managed to run over and kill a bystander.  The combination of testosterone and extremely low IQ and unlimited state power leads inevitably to these kind of snafus.

"Amid Murdoch scandal, Israel backers worry about muting of pro-Israel media voice"  Murdoch has been a massive part of the conspiracy to hide the murderous acts of the Jews from moral and decent people.

"Who Was Behind the Anthrax Attacks?" (my emphasis in red):
 "The harassment of Dr. Assaad ended in a lawsuit, and the members of the “Camel Club” – as they called themselves – voluntarily left Ft. Detrick after the case was settled out of court.
Yet the harassment didn’t end, it only paused – until, years later, the Camel Club struck again, in the form of the Quantico letter, accusing Assaad of being the evil Arab mastermind behind the anthrax attacks. That this letter reached Quantico after the anthrax letters had been mailed, but before their existence was public knowledge, is the kind of mistake which should have caught up with the real perpetrators long before now.
The question is: why hasn’t it? What’s scary is that the real perpetrators are still out there. Are they getting ready to strike again – and why is our own government standing in the way of re-opening the investigation? Just thinking about it sends a shiver down my spine"
It is always hilarious when the only group with a motive to promote a War For The Jews is protected from any serious criminal investigation.

"NZ quake may have revealed Israeli spy ring" (my emphasis in red):
"Key, who is traveling in California, told media Wednesday that it wasn't in the national interest to comment about the report." 
Doesn't that just sum up our collective plight as slaves to Zionism?  For a politician, Key is a remarkably poor liar (the universal question:  are the Jews blackmailing him or bribing him?).  "Investigation cleared Israelis of spy claims: PM":
"The response of the Israeli government to the three deaths appears extraordinary. In the hours after the 6.3 quake struck:

  • Prime Minister John Key fielded the first of four calls that day from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
  • Israel's Ambassador in the South Pacific, Shemi Tzur, who is based in Australia, booked flights to Christchurch, where he visited the morgue.
  • Israel's civil defence chief left Israel for Christchurch.
  • A complete Israeli urban search and rescue squad was assembled and flown to Christchurch, arriving about the same time as ...
  • Three people who had smashed their way out of a van crushed by a concrete pillar in the central city, leaving a fourth person dead in the vehicle, arrived back in Israel."
It is completely normal, and not in the least bit suspicious, that secret unauthorized Israeli extraction teams are sent in to rescue Israeli 'backpackers' ('backpackers', you mean like the three caught in Iran?).

Did I mention that the concetration camp guard is certifiably insane? Imagine what it must be like when every single thing you see or hear reminds you of the Jewish holocaust.  This would just be sad if he didn't have such a prominent role in tricking Americans into Wars For The Jews.
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