Friday, July 01, 2011

Two or three conspiracies

The way the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case is being stage managed, and wound down, provides evidence for two different conspiracy theories:
  1. the Theory of All of France (TOAOF), that the whole thing was a set-up intended to remove Strauss-Kahn from leading the IMF at such a delicate time, and preventing him from taking over from Sarko in the French elections; or
  2. the Dershowitz Protocol (DP), paying off the overseas family of the victim so she would find a way to impugn her own evidence.
Frankly, the clumsiness of the collapse of the victim/witness points clearly to a DP rather than the TOAOF.  If it was a TOAOF set-up, the witness would have been instructed to avoid questionable phone calls with iffy people, and in particular to avoid discussing the inevitable civil suit (btw, are women with questionable friends unrape-able?  in the ultra-litigious USA, is discussing the inevitable civil suit grounds for impugning the entire testimony?).  On the other hand, this kind of behavior is what you would expect from somebody with an interest in having the Strauss-Kahn case thrown out.  The alleged inconsistencies in the victim's statements seem explainable, and largely irrelevant, and are thrown in just to further weaken her credibility.

The third conspiracy theory is the microsurgery of removing Strauss-Kahn from the IMF, freeing him by having the case thrown out with credibility issues, and then allowing him to go on to beat Sarko.  Too complicated and prone to failure, but the fact that the American authorities have done a 180 on their zeal for prosecution makes one wonder.

Remember that Strauss-Kahn phoned his lawyer, and then presumably on legal advice made a bee-line for the airport to flee the jurisdiction, and would have escaped had he not phoned back to the hotel for his cell phone, thus identifying his location to the authorities.
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