Monday, August 15, 2011

The culture of looting

"Historian David Starkey is a big stupid stupid-head"  Note the smug self-satisfaction of those who think they are right because they have the balls to avoid political correctness.  And yet Sailer and Starkey and Cameron - all of whom effortlessly reached for the racist explanation - are completely full of shit.  There is a culture of looting, but it didn't come from Jamaican drug gangs,  It cam from Wall Street and 'The City' and the politicians, like Cameron, who facilitate high-level looting.  When you intentionally misdiagnose the problem, you are just trying to make the problem worse (while avoiding any attempt at fixing it).

"Riots and the Underclass" by Alexander Cockburn (containing an interview with Darcus Howe).

"Voice Of Reason" Considerably more accurate explanation than the one proffered by the professional racists.

"British children 'among Europe's unhappiest and unhealthiest'" - more problems in the future.


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