Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gawker:  "Julian Assange Accidentally Uploaded His Secret Files to the Internet"

Gizmodo:  "Wikileaks Accidentally Released Dangerous Unredacted Cables"

Note how both Gawker and Gizmodo quite wrongly blame Assange for something that is clearly not his fault.  Gawker Media is almost certainly another American intelligence asset, like Wired.

"Norway’s Terror as Systemic Destabilization: Breivik, the Arms-for-Drugs Milieu, and Global Shadow Elites"  Scott, who used to be a god in JFK assassination circles but is rapidly losing favor, throws out a lot of names without any proof.  Tying Breivik to specific European right-wingers might almost be seen as part of a cover-up.  Of course, somebody financed and encouraged Breivik, and it is possible, well, likely, that that person (or persons) disguised his identity and motivations to Breivik.

Israel goes all Yinon on Turkey:
  1. "Why Israel (and Jeffrey Goldberg) are championing the Kurds"
  2. "Israel turns tables on Turkey"
Turkey is too valuable an ally for this to continue if the Turks take the hint and back down.
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