Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I don't know exactly when Juan Cole morphed into Paul Wolfowitz.

"Professor Cole “answers” WSWS on Libya: An admission of intellectual and political bankruptcy":  "This is the kind of response one would expect from someone who is drunk."

Cockburn:  "This is one of the greatest humiliations of NATO in its history (also, to be petty, a terrific smack in the eye for the analytic and political acumen of a prime propagandist in progressive circles  for the rebels, Prof.  Juan Cole, whose blogs on Libya have been getting steadily more demented.)"

Cole:  "The UN allies won’t allow Qaddafi to take the east and massacre and imprison thousands, however much Alexander Cockburn, the Tea Party, and the World Socialist Web site would like to see that happen, or at least they object to practical steps to prevent it."

Meanwhile, NATO continues to slaughter completely innocent civilians (it is so bad that even Ban Ki-Moon is 'deeply concerned)', making Gaddafi extremely popular, and Cole will never get his reputation back.  Never.

I think the funniest of Cole's postings is his attempt to downplay and rationalize the murder by the rebels of their chief military leader.
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